Your Tarot Reading For March 31, 2020 is Lovers

Today’s message for you is that any imbalances you’ve been feeling are changing now!

When The Lovers show up in a reading, it’s not always about romantic relationships but can also be a sign of harmony, alignment, passion in life, and positive healthy relationships in all areas of your life.

The Lovers card is also a sign of spiritual union which means you will be either attracting people who appreciate you, or opportunities where your gifts will be appreciated!

I’m getting the feeling lately you’ve been feeling discontented and discouraged and the Lovers are a sign things are looking up! You can breathe a sigh of relief!

Any time we feel misunderstood, unseen, unheard, or disrespected, it creates a feeling of tension and unease in us. And based on what I’m seeing for you, those feelings are ending now.

No one thrives in negativity, and you are no exception.

We do our best when we feel supported and the Lovers card is calling to let you know it’s time for you to make choices in certain relationships and circumstances.

Are they encouraging and supporting you?

The connections and partnerships we form (personally and professionally) are really about us.

Our relationships are mirrors reflecting back to us what we need to see so we can grow.

To better activate the energy of the Lovers, ask yourself what you’ve been learning or seeing in your relationships or circumstances.

What are you being shown about yourself? What did you need to learn?

And know the Universe is the ultimate spiritual partner and has your back!

Today’s Affirmation:

“All is well as my divine partnership with the Universe encourages and supports me lovingly as my highest and best self. I release any situations or circumstances which are not supportive and I call in the ones to encourage me. I am open to spiritual union in every area of my life.”