Your Tarot Reading For March 19, 2020 is Moon

If you’ve been feeling anxious or notice more fear-based thinking showing up for you, it’s time to release it!

The Moon card in tarot represents all we keep hidden, even from ourselves. And in this context what the Moon is asking from you is to bring it to the light to let it go!

Right now we are facing a time of heightened uncertainty and many people around us are acting out of triggers of fear.

Much like the beautiful shining light of the full moon, the Moon card shows us the cycle of light and dark and offers us the opportunity to see beyond the illusions or fears.

Fear of scarcity, fear of what could or might happen, fear of illness, and fear of losing security are topping the list. And it’s time for you to let it out and let go of whatever fears might be triggered in you.

We never do our best when facing challenges or difficulties with a mindset based on what we’re afraid of happening.

It’s time to use your divine connection to move past conscious, or even unconscious fears that might be holding you back.