Your Tarot Reading For March 13, 2020 is The Emperor – Authority

It’s time for others in your circle to hear your wisdom.

Have you been feeling it? Have you felt as if there is something you want to share and it wants to come forth?

You’ve spent many cycles learning and gaining insight and are now being called by The Emperor in your tarot reading to answer the call.

There are many times in our lives when we are students. We are learning. We are growing. We are expanding. We are focused on gaining what we need to know.

Then come the times when it’s important to step forward with our knowledge and become the authority in an area we deeply care about.

What is that area for you? What is the area of study or information you are being asked to step into sharing your expertise?

Now is the time when you are being asked to become a leader or develop the leadership capabilities within yourself by putting your ideas into form, structure, and function.

It might be an article, a plan, an exercise, a system, or some other functional use of your wisdom that can help others along their path.

Your insight and knowledge is a gift that others need.

When The Emperor shows up for me I know it’s now time to use my rational, logical side and get grounded in my perspective.

It’s time to put my ideas into action and create a systemized way of approaching something.

There are cycles for us to tap into our emotional or feeling wisdom and there are times when we are being called to access the grounded, more analytical, or reasoning side of ourselves.

Today’s Affirmation:

“I fully embrace the logical and rational part of myself and ask the Universe to show me the best ways to fulfil a leadership role in my life. I allow myself to ground into the knowledge of all that is and bring forth my wisdom to others.”