Your Tarot Reading For March 01, 2020 is The Empress

This is an exciting time for you!

When The Empress card shows up in a reading, it means any creative blocks you’ve been feeling are releasing and it’s time to enjoy the beauty and abundance around you.

You are being freed up to access your own inner power!

By allowing the Universe to help you clear these blocks, it means you are going to better access not just your intuition, but also new and innovative means of bringing in your divinely-assured abundance!

The Empress is here to help you tap into your own divine feminine side and look for opportunities to share, collaborate, and use your nurturing talents to support yourself and make a difference in the world.

Instead of looking to anyone else to help you realize your prosperity, The Empress is a call for you to stand strongly on your own two feet.

Collaboration is a way of combining your gifts and talents with others, and releasing any ideas of you depending on them to ‘save’ or rescue you..

To know if someone else is a good fit for collaboration check into your feelings. Do they energize or drain you? Do they make you feel good or not?

In the past when I’ve been expecting abundance outside of myself, whether it’s a new opportunity, project, or someone bestowing gifts, The Empress shows up as a reminder I am my own power.

Today’s Affirmation:

“I release anything or anyone blocking me from knowing my true power is within. I allow myself to see and know the beauty in the world around me, and inside of me. I bring in all the abundant resources the Universe is now offering to me. “