Your Tarot Reading For January 07, 2020 is Wheel of Fortune – Destiny

I got a big download yesterday and I kept seeing this tarot card for you.

The Wheel of Fortune shows up with guidance now to say the Wheel is turning and Lady Luck is smiling down upon you!

I don’t know about you, but I say it’s about time!

Our souls came here with a destiny and the desire to fulfil certain conditions and lessons along the journey.

With each lesson we can learn from it, or not. If not, we repeat it.

The Wheel is showing you you’ve been learning and applying your lessons!

You’ve been facing a difficult time recently and this card is a sign things are turning for the better. You are being asked for your faith and to stay positive!

The Wheel reminds us of the principles of karma and you’ve been racking up good karma points by treating others with kindness and respect! Way to go!

When the Wheel shows up for me, it’s a reminder I am living my destiny and GOOD LUCK is shining down on me.

I remember I was working with a group and something just felt “off”.

I pulled the Wheel card and realized I didn’t feel seen or appreciated and it was part of my bigger lesson, not to sell myself short.

My destiny was to own my value. Soon an even better opportunity showed up!

To activate the Wheel of Fortune in your life to an even greater extent, create a list of the life lessons you’ve been learning. Things like, “I’ve learned to listen to my own intuition. I’ve learned not to give my value away. I’ve learned how to stand up for what’s right for me.”

Today’s Affirmation:

“I am grateful that my life is changing course in a positive new direction. And I will use my intuition to take the next steps on this beautiful new path in my life to fully receive all the goodness I have earned with my karma and hard work.”