Your Tarot Reading For February 24, 2020 is Star – Light

It is time for you to be in the light! Can you feel it?

The Star card showed up in my reading for you today, and with it comes a sense of knowing you are truly blessed by the Universe.

It’s time to renew your hope and faith in not only yourself, but in the world around you!

Whenever I see the Star in a reading, I know someone is stepping into a peaceful, pleasant phase in their lives where they get to find that sense of divine connection, meaning, and inspiration again!

What a glorious time for you to allow your heart to open and find a sense of joy again.

This is a time of significant self-development and growth which will allow you to SHINE like the light you are!

What’s interesting about the Star is there’s nothing to do, nowhere to go, and nothing to handle.

This card is all about letting the inner you (your hopes, your dreams, and your soul) receive the blessings the Universe is ready to show you!

You’ve earned this by shifting into the highest version of yourself and renewing your energy.

This time is about you living your authentic truth and nature. Stay open to interesting new ways of shining your light or sharing your true self.

Others will be incredibly receptive and inspired by you and how calm you are. Your sense of deep knowing and awareness will allow you to see through situations and circumstances with clarity and ease.

Enjoy this time of blessings, and allow yourself to relax into your dreams or daydreams with full faith in them coming to fruition!

Today’s Affirmation:

“I will use this time to share my gifts with the world, shining my light as a source of illumination and inspiration to others. And I trust that my path is unfolding with ease and grace.”