Your Tarot Reading For February 12, 2020 is The Hanged Man

When I was thinking about you today and shuffling the cards The Hanged Man went flying out of the deck and across the room!

When The Hanged Man shows up in a reading, it’s a sign to look at things with a new perspective as he’s hanging upside down in a tree with what appears to be a serene look on his face. More like a ‘hanging man’.

Just like a child might hang upside down from the branch of a tree, The Hanged Man is letting you know it’s time to take a pause in your life.

His message for you is not to push forward right now, but pull back and allow the opportunity to surrender into breathing space.

His message is clear: you will meet with challenges and obstacles if you attempt to keep driving through the energy right now.

Many times we believe we must soldier on and push through things, and The Hanged Man is asking you to take a hiatus and put the brakes on for yourself, or the Universe will provide you the much needed ‘time-out’ for you.

What you’ll learn now is exactly what you’ll need to succeed going forward.

Now is the time to let go of old outdated patterns or behaviors which aren’t serving your highest good and spend some time in nature.

To assist the divine energy, look where you might be feeling stuck or held back in your life right now. Or where do you feel you might be holding yourself back?

Open your awareness to new ways of looking at things as you take a much needed break to come back to your center.

Today’s Affirmation:

“I will be patient and trust in divine timing for all things in my life. I will let go of attachment to specific timeframes or timelines for things to unfold in my life and allow the Universe to guide the timing instead.”