Your Personal Numerology Reading For September 21, 2020

Are you ready for some happiness in your life now (finally, right)?

Great news for you… the Four of Wands card showed up for you today with a message of celebration. The suit of wands is associated with passion, motivation, and energy.

It shows a happy couple dancing during the celebration of fulfillment of a goal. This card symbolizes both celebration and a happy home life.

The number four is symbolic of stable foundations and reliability, heralding a time of joy and balance. When the Four of Wands shows up in a reading, it typically has to do with your life purpose, spirituality, and new ideas.

This means that you are now in a time that is perfect to connect with loved ones, including family and friends, perhaps to celebrate a holiday or special occasion.
It could also mean that you need to achieve more balance in your home life. Take a look around you, and see where or how you might be out of balance and alignment.
If you haven’t been connecting much with those closest to you, this card is encouraging you to do so. It might be exactly what your heart and spirit need right now.
And if you are feeling like your home life is not as stable as you would like, this is a great time to work on creating more balance in that aspect of your life.
Take some time to walk through your home and look for things out of place or signs of imbalance.
Have you let mail pile up on the table? Is there an area you aren’t loving?
Or do you have a bunch of things you no longer need or use that you can donate to others who will use them? You might even be surprised when new thoughts or ideas show up after you release unwanted items!
Facts About the Number 4
The number 4 is the smallest composite number and many Asian cultures believe it is a number that heralds bad luck.

There are four seasons and four elements – earth, air, fire, and water; as well as four phases of the moon and four points of the compass.

There are four stages of enlightenment and the Buddha observed four sights which spurred him onto his journey of enlightenment.

In numerology the number four represents foundation, structure, realization, stable situations, and planning.

Today’s Affirmation:

“I will connect with loved ones to celebrate special times and achievements in a way that contributes to my happiness and feeling of fulfillment. And I will explore what I can do to create more stability and balance in my home”