Your Personal Numerology Reading For September 03, 2020

The number twelve is showing up for you today is a message that it’s time to pause and reflect. A time to pull back and observe.

You are being guided through repetitive messages from the Universe that it’s your time to slow down and even pick up that meditation practice again if you’ve let your practice lapse.

In the traditional tarot this is the Hanging Man and a reminder that to move forward, there are times when we need to take a step back. It’s part of the cycle of growth, even trees and flowers go dormant for a season.

Do you find yourself with constant busy work and always having more to get done? Is your to-do list growing with a mind of its own?

You are being shown to get a new perspective you’ve got to step away from the old one.

It takes a certain amount of mental and spiritual maturity to recognize when it’s time to take that step back, especially when the people in our lives are counting on us for so many things.

When the number twelve or Hanging Man shows up for me, I take time to reassess what’s important in my life and see if there are things on my to-do list I can let go of doing.

For me it’s a message that I need to take a step back and to slow down.

The number twelve lets me know I need to change what I’m doing and to make those changes I first need to decide what I can release. Or delegate.

So often we feel as if we have to do it all ourselves, and you’re being shown that to get where you want to go it’s time to take a time-out.

Facts About the Number 12
Twelve is the number of calendar months in a year with the Gregorian calendar, the number of hours in each half of the day, and is also the number of inches in a foot.

It is also the largest one-syllable number. And Jupiter takes twelve years for its orbit around the Sun.

In Ancient Greece there were twelve major gods of Olympus, and in the New Testament of the Bible there are twelve apostles, to represent the twelve tribes of Israel.

Today’s Affirmation:

“I am taking the time to refocus my energy and reflect. I release anything that isn’t serving my highest and best on my path at this time. I am open to receiving all the insight and guidance the Universe has to offer me at this time.”

Take a deep breath as you say this to help you release any stress you might be carrying.