Your Personal Numerology Reading For June 11, 2020

Oh wow, the energy is flowing in your favor right now!

When I tap into your auric field, I see the number 555 showing up over and over and it’s a sign that major things are happening for you right now.

The number 555 signifies a time of significant changes and opportunity for you.

Have you been thinking about starting a new project, business, or even relationship (or bettering the one you’re in)?

It’s a great time for any of these things and when a new opportunity comes your way – it’s a chance for you to move out of the past and into a future filled with possibility.

Just like the tides of the oceans ebb and flow, so does divine energy.

Sometimes it’s best to sit back and rejuvenate. And other times it’s better to step forward and manifest with ease and flow.

And right now, you are in that flow state! You’ll be attracting in the right people, the right timing, and the right ideas just as you need them.

If you’ve been cocooning, chilling out, or basically pulling back, the number 555 is showing you it’s time to get and stay open to an amazing life, one you truly deserve.

And that means taking chances and allowing new things into your life.

To activate the highest and best shifts, write a list of the areas you would like to see some changes. Put together your own “butterfly list” of places or ways you’d like to shine, because, it’s time to shine!

Today’s Affirmation:

“I will flow beautifully through my life, connecting magically with wonderful people and opportunities. And I will put myself out there so I am able to see these powerful doors of opportunity when they open in my life.”