Your Personal Numerology Reading For June 05, 2020

Are you feeling it? I keep seeing the number 444 floating around in your aura lately which means the angels are surrounding you!

Do you feel the connection?

It’s time to start taking note and noticing the little and big ways you’re finding support around you. Do you feel calm even when things around you seem hectic? Do you already feel it’s all working out? These are signs!

What does it mean? That your angels are watching over you and you are very connected to them right now.

When the number 444 appears repeatedly it’s a sign from your angels they are not only all around you at this time, but you can relax into them.

All is well. You can let go of any fears you’ve been dealing with. The angel’s message is that it’s time to release whatever worries or fears that are holding you back.

Many times we can go through life feeling like we aren’t quite ourselves, or we wonder if our prayers are being heard.

Right now you have a direct-connect to the realm of the angels. So pay attention to what you’re asking for and request your angels support your dreams and desires.

If you want to leverage this angelic energy even more, write up a list of the fears you want to give over to your angels; trust them to take care of it so you can manifest the life you desire.

Today’s Affirmation:

“I know that I am never alone because my angels are surrounding me and supporting me on my path. And I trust them to guide me on my path toward the best possible outcome for my life.”