Your Intimate Angel Reading For May 12, 2020

Right now Archangel Hamaliel is here to balance your overflowing emotions.

Have you been feeling too emotional right now? As if you can’t see the whole picture clearly because your feelings keep blurring your vision?

It’s okay to be in tune emotionally…

But Archangel Hamaliel encourages you to tap into your logical mind right now to restore balance in your inner world.

While many humans struggle to express themselves emotionally, let their feelings flow through them, and actually experience passion-filled lessons, you don’t try to shy away from these things.

This is something to celebrate!

However, there is always a need for balance.

Tapping into the masculine energy that Archangel Hamaliel delivers can activate your logic, help you become more decisive, and make choices that benefit you in the long term, not just this moment.

In order to help you invite the healing energy of Archangel Hamaliel into your life, it might be helpful to know more about him, right?

Well to start, he is the Archangel that rules over the astrological sign Virgo and he also rules over Virgo’s ruling planet, Mercury.

Even if you’re not a Virgo or don’t have any Virgo placements in your chart, you do have a Mercury placement that rules over your thinking and communication style.

Familiarizing yourself with your individual chart can help you understand how Archangel Hamaliel may be trying to support you right now.

Sometimes, if you see wheat (which is associated with the Virgin symbolism of Virgo) or a graceful swan, you can relax knowing that Archangel Hamaliel is nearby.

When I called upon Hamaliel to help me make an important decision in my life, I saw a swan present itself at my local park’s lake.

The swan is very interesting as you observe it. When it rests its long neck, it helps the swan’s head face inward towards their breast.

This symbolizes becoming more introspective to come to your decision.

Also, pointing your mind towards your own heart, not looking outward for other’s opinions or perspectives, is another lesson that Archangel Hamaliel sends the swan to teach.

Right now, he is inviting you to go into a quick hermit mode and meditate on some of the larger decisions that you’re going to have to make at this time.

Remember to keep the bigger picture in mind and balance your mind and your heart!

Today’s Affirmation:

“Angel Hamaliel, I know that I can act from an emotional stance, which isn’t always best for me. Please guide me towards a balanced mind and heart and reveal the logical choice that will ignite the path towards becoming the best version of myself.”