Your Intimate Angel Reading For March 31, 2020

I am receiving a message that you must stay in your lane right now!

Archangel Camael is with you right now and wants you to know that if you’re feeling vengeful or if someone has done you wrong, you are not to act out of character.

You see, Archangel Camael’s name holds so much power. It literally means “he who sees God.”

Right now, you’re being the gift of discernment and clarity — which honestly probably ruffled some feathers within you…

However, no matter how upsetting the news is, or finally being able to see the truth of matters in front of you, you are not to step outside of yourself to administer justice in the way that you see fit.

Archangel Camael is a mighty angel that is in charge of 12,000 fiery angels of destruction, appointed by this universal source of power to administer divine justice when necessary.

He also presents the energy of power, invisibility, and invincibility, showing those that he is with the way to clear karmic debts with integrity.

As much as rage and anger might run through you, Archangel Camael can help guide this fiery energy with his rulership over the planet Mars, or the planet of passion, war, and aggression.

He helps us move forward in divinity and grace by reminding you that there’s no need for you to step outside of your own character — that all divine justice can and will be handled with the power of his holy squadron.

Remember., the universe is constantly responding to us, so it’s important that you maintain a high frequency and positive thoughts.

Your angel guides want to see you carry out your divine soul path with as much ease and grace as possible.

So please give all of your worries and disappointments to them to handle in the spiritual realm.

To call forth the mighty power of Archangel Camael, simply ask for his assistance in providing relief from any negative feelings or emotional disturbances.

Today’s Affirmation:

“I trust Archangel Camael to lovingly accept my frustrations and take over the role of divine justice for me. I accept the trust that I am a soul having a human experience and that my feelings are valid, but they do not have to be acted upon. I ask him to replace my anger and disappointment with love, grace, and compassion for myself and others.”