Your Intimate Angel Reading For March 25, 2020

Oh wow! I can feel a surge of passion, love, and fiery energy surrounding you!

Have you been feeling this wave of light surrounding you as well?

If those fiery feelings haven’t hit you just yet, be prepared because a new initiation to the next level of your life is on the way.

And don’t fret!

You are divinely protected through this transition in your life by the Chief Prince of Seraphim Angels, Seraphiel!

Seraphiel is not like any other angel you may have heard about or even imagined. As you read this, you may feel the warmth of his embrace from his many wings.

That’s right! Seraphiel is no ordinary angel. As a Chief of the Seraphim angels, he stands over seven ft. tall and is known to have four faces, six wings, and a mighty roar like a lion!

This may sound unbelievable, almost as if Angel Seraphiel is a fictional character, but you must trust your feelings and intuition right now.

Can you recall how many times in the past where you’ve been divinely protected from harm’s way?

This is by no surprise. Seraphiel was fighting for you in the astral spiritual realm!

Seraphim angels are different from any other angel that you’re used to…

They are the protectors, warriors, and divine gatekeepers of love, light, and fire which is why they exude this undeniable lioness courage and mighty roar!

Since Angel Seraphiel is connected to the planet Mercury, you may be getting random ideas or even insights that can bring you towards your divine soul purpose in this lifetime.

A few years ago I, myself, was struggling with opening my heart chakra up to receive love and had issues with believing in myself… that I was worthy of love and to live a life doing what I loved.

When I was meditating quietly one day, I saw the surprising image of a Seraphim angel with all of the wings surrounding a ball of fire and light energy.

I couldn’t even see his four faces as the center was so bright, but I knew that Seraphiel was visiting me to help me get realigned with my divine path.

I was overcome with gratitude as, for that very slight moment, I felt his energy flow through me — that surge of passion, love, and abundance flowing all throughout my body.

This was the feeling that I wanted — and deserved — to feel forever!

I’m so glad I followed those powerful feelings of love that he showed me because I started seeing results immediately when I began trusting my own intuition.

As I developed my abilities as a reader I knew that I was being assisted by Angel Seraphiel.

To call upon Angel Seraphiel, you must first release fear.

The last things your guardian angels want to do is scare you — and let’s admit it, Seraphim angels have powerful energy and image that’s unlike anything we are used to seeing in our human experience.

You must truly be ready to bask in the unique divinity of the Seraphim angels.

Since Seraphim angels are the highest rank of angels and closest to God, Seraphiel brings the energy of purification through love, devotion, and worship of this universal source energy.

By letting go of whatever is closing your heart to divine love that surrounds you, you allow Seraphiel to offer you exactly what you need.

It might be helpful to get into a deep meditation and imagine the color green, as that’s connected to Angel Seraphiel, the planet Mercury, and the heart chakra.

If it helps, keep a notebook or journal next to your bed and write out your questions for Seraphiel.

He will help you open your heart up to receiving the glory that awaits you when you follow your soul path!

Today’s Affirmation:

“I trust Seraphiel to provide divine guidance, knowing he will show me the true feeling of Universal source connection.”

Repeat this affirmation to yourself a few times each day until you can feel the warm hug of Seraphiel around you.