Your Intimate Angel Reading For January 13, 2020

Right now Archangel Raphael is reaching out to offer you his ethereal healing and guidance.

Are you ready? Are you open to it?

If you have been feeling stressed out or dealing with physical issues, Raphael’s angelic energy is encircling you now to help you through this time.

Raphael is an angel of healing whose name is most often translated into “medicine healing” and “God heals the world.”

He is not only adept at helping you heal your physical body, but, he can also help you heal your spiritual connection!

When we have too much stress, it becomes distress, which makes it difficult to move forward in our lives and create solutions to the problems we’re facing.

The times in my life when I’ve found myself overwhelmed with too much to do and not enough energy to do it all, I’ve called on Raphael to help me carry the load.

He helped me find an ease and lightness I desperately needed and the energy to calmly carry on. It was as if my burden was suddenly shared by him!

[[firstname]], Raphael is here to help you too. He can support you and help you lighten the load.

And if you’re questioning your connection to the divine, Raphael can also help you heal your third eye and bridge your spiritual alliance.

To activate his angelic presence, put something emerald green nearby and send out your request:

“Dear Raphael, I request your help in healing (this situation or circumstance). Please immerse me with your lightness and healing energy. I trust your divine power and release my healing into your hands. Thank you!”

You’re here for bigger things and, Raphael wants to help you achieve them.
Today’s Affirmation:

“I trust Raphael to guide me toward solutions to heal my body and my spirit. I know that he will remove stress from my life, allowing me to fully focus on my healing.”

Repeat this affirmation to yourself a few times each day until you feel fully connected to Raphael’s healing energy.