Your Intimate Angel Reading For January 01, 2020

When I was channeling energy today, I felt the strong presence of an angel with an urgent message.

It took me a minute to recognize the energy before it realized it was Ariel.

I don’t hear from Ariel very often, but when I do, it’s always because there is an urgent message for me or someone else in my soul family.

In this case, it’s a message for you.

If you don’t know who Ariel is, this angel is associated with rose quartz and the color pale pink and oversees both nature and the underworld, punishing those who harm others.

And today Ariel is sensing that you need help with something in your physical environment. It could be food, shelter, water, or some other essential need you have at this time.

I want you to know that you can call on Ariel to guide you.

Because Ariel is deeply connected to nature, the environment, and to animals, if it is possible for you to get out into nature today, that will also help you to better connect with Ariel’s energy and divine guidance.

Ariel wants you to know that if you are working on anything that is connected to the environment or nature, you should focus on that work at this time in your life.

And because this angel is connected to healing animals, keep your eyes and ears open for any animals you see. They might be reinforcing messages you are getting from Ariel.

Ariel can also help you connect with fairies and other elemental and nature spirits. Just ask for this angel’s assistance the next time you are out in the woods.
Today’s Affirmation:

“I trust Ariel to provide divine guidance with any needs I have on the physical plane and provide answers on how to meet those needs. And I know Ariel will also connect me with any fairies or nature spirits that wish to help me.”

Repeat this affirmation to yourself a few times each day until you feel fully guided by Ariel.