Your Intimate Angel Reading For April 06, 2020

Do you smell that sweet aroma in the air?

This floral scent is usually present when the “perfume of God,” or Archangel Muriel is present.

If you don’t smell anything, that’s okay. You’re on the path of developing your psychic senses, which is why Archangel Muriel has shown up to assist you on this new journey.

You’re probably always been empathic or had a difficult time with emotions and feelings. It’s almost like your feelings provide you both gifts and curses, right?

Well, truly your sensitivity is a gift as it is heightened intuition.

That is the message of the lesser-known, but still extremely powerful, Archangel Muriel — to lean into your emotional nature as you’re highly intuitive and here to help heal the world.

Archangel Muriel rules over the month of June and she also rules over the sensitive sign of Cancer, which is a highly intuitive water sign.

Just as the sign of Cancer, Archangel Muriel is encouraging you to awaken the inner humanitarian within you.

I know the world has been so harsh and many have misunderstood the power of emotional intelligence, making most of us empaths feel like we’re too difficult to deal with or understand.

Archangel Muriel delivers the message that if you truly work to break down the guard around your heart, you’ll be gifted with new intuitive gifts that can take your healing work to the next level.

As with any spirit guide or ancestor, your Archangel Muriel would love to be acknowledged and thanked for protecting you on the spiritual plane.

To call upon her, she enjoys the smell of myrrh, so lighting some before you go to bed can help her to appear in your dreams.

Archangel Muriel is very gentle and provides nurturing, motherlike energy.

She wants to make you feel comfortable with seeing and feeling her presence, so she usually will present herself in your dreams on a light magic carpet.

Calling on Muriel has helped me so much in developing my psychic abilities and learning how to love myself and all my gifts unconditionally.

At the end of the day, Muriel wants us all to know that when we close our hearts to the world, the ones that we truly hurt are ourselves.

would you like Muriel’s guidance?

I highly encourage you to invest in a small amount of myrrh and set the intention to connect with her loving energy in your dreams.

Today’s Affirmation:

“I trust Archangel Muriel to guide me through the process of developing emotional intelligence, balance, and my natural intuitive abilities. And I ask her to help me remain open to more love, compassion, and understanding in my heart.”