Congratulations on Taking the
First Step on Your Soul Path,


I have a Special
"Welcome Gift" for you...
I’m so happy for you, and I know you’re going to adore how this program empowers you to discover and walk your true Soul Path.

Your Personalized Soul Path Report will empower you to discover your divine purpose for incarnating in this lifetime.

And Soul Manifestation 2.0, will give you the tools you need to truly live that purpose!

You don’t need to spend years learning how to clear your chakras or memorize mantras…

Instead, the powerful audios in the program will automatically erase stress, self-doubt, limiting beliefs, and wounds from childhood trauma and help you replace those negative feelings with positivity… and increase your ability to manifest material abundance with ease.
In just a few moments, 
I’m going to give you a powerful gift,
as my way of saying 
“thank you” 
for joining me on this 
transformational journey.
As you’ll soon discover, expressing gratitude is one of the most powerful things you can do to align yourself with the frequency of Universal manifestation…

But first, [Firstname], I need to share something incredibly important about manifestation that you may not know…
One of the biggest things that can block you from manifesting your dream life is when you aren’t walking on your Soul Path, aren’t doing what you incarnated to do, aren’t sharing your gifts with the world...
Imagine for a moment if people like Marianne
Williamson, Brene Brown, Mel Robbins, and Lori 
Greiner from Shark Tank weren’t truly fulfilling 
their Soul Paths…
Do you think Lori would be helping her entrepreneurial partner companies reach more people who need their products?

Do you believe Brene Brown would be changing millions of people’s lives if she hadn’t written her books?
Or would Mel Robbins have helped millions of people overcome procrastination and anxiety so they can share their gifts with the world?

Would Marianne Williamson have empowered millions to push past resistance and learn that they are here to shine their light with other humans?

ALL of these powerful women are abundantly blessed financially, [Firstname].

But... not because they inherited money. Or received a magical check in the mail.
Believe me [FIRSTNAME] every single one of these women has a story that began with struggle, and failure too, it certainly didn’t come easy to them!

But today EVERY penny of their wealth comes from walking their TRUE Soul Paths and sharing their gifts with the world!

Now just pause for a moment and imagine what it would be like to share YOUR gifts with the world…
What would that feel like…?
The profound contentment of knowing you’ve made a
positive impact on the lives of others with your gifts…

The gratitude you will feel waking up each day on fire 
with excitement for the day ahead ...

And the security of being able to buy absolutely
anything your heart desires... because people LOVE
what you are doing and want to honor YOUR gifts…
Perhaps... you don’t want to publish a book or be a speaker.

Maybe... you have a coaching business…

Or provide energy readings to clients…

Or want to start an online store selling things that excite you...

And you simply want your business to grow in a way that it generates a bit more financial abundance for you…

So you can buy whatever you want at Whole Foods without adding things up as you shop…

Or have healing massage or reiki sessions every week...

Or attend a two-week healing retreat in Costa Rica...
When you begin walking your Soul Path and reflecting deeply on where your life mission will lead you…

You’ll connect YOUR Specific Soul Path to the frequency of abundance and your dreams will begin unfolding before your very eyes...

And then… you’ll begin to understand that there are many layers to your dreams…

The extra $150 you want now for a massage or reiki session might soon shift into much bigger dreams...

The type of dreams that create incredibly abundant lifestyles like Lori Greiner, Marianne Wilimason, Brene Brown, and Mel Robbins are living…

What if their lifestyle could be the next layer in YOUR dream lifestyle?
Sometimes we have to get used to a smaller level of abundance before we can believe we are able to receive the next level of abundance.

Imagine a child learning to run…

First the child must crawl. Then walk. Then run.

It’s perfectly normal to start with smaller dreams that feel more achievable and then want (and feel you are finally ready for) much bigger dreams later.
And Here’s a Secret...
You’ve Already Taken The First Step [Firstname]…
Soul Manifestation 2.0 was created to help people who know absolutely nothing about their Soul Path or manifestation…

...and in only 10 minutes each day completely remove ALL negative trauma patterns..

...and begin to rewire your subconscious neural pathways to quickly and easily manifest a beautiful future aligned with your life mission 

But... that is only the beginning of your amazing journey!
You’re about to discover that there are layers and levels to everything…
Especially Manifestation of Material Abundance…
Some people struggle just to buy healthy food or pay
their bills... Other people make only enough money to go
 on a nice vacation once a year... And a few people on our
 planet… have access to a truly unlimited stream of
 material abundance...
A stream flowing directly from source that overflows into every aspect of their lives…

Bringing them gorgeous dream homes with infinity pools and breathtaking views…

Deeply connected, heart-centered friendships…
And any type of amazing life experience they can imagine...

And In Just A Few Moments, I’ll Share The 
Hidden Secret To Access That
Divine Stream of Universal Abundance
in Your Life, [Firstname]…
So Keep Reading…
Your Secret Awaits...
[Firstname], the truth is... Material Abundance is
 constantly flowing like current directly from source...

It flows from impactful businesses, dream homes,
 exotic resorts, and beautiful island retreats.
But at this moment in time… you are only able to access a few tiny drops of that abundant stream of manifestation…

One huge reason that many people DON’T have this type of abundance flowing into their lives is because they are NOT walking their Soul Path, they are NOT fulfilling their mission.
The Universe rewards you with ABUNDANT gifts
when you share YOUR gifts with the world!
Thankfully, [FIrstname], you have taken the first step to discovering your Soul Path so you can share your gifts and receive gifts of abundance back from the Universe when you do!

But… there is one more big thing that can block you from receiving an endless stream of abundance, even IF you ARE sharing your gifts…

And that is not having the correct beliefs about money.
If you have deep-seated beliefs like ‘money is the root of all evil” or any other such nonsense, those beliefs
will block you from receiving your gifts from source.
Many people build vast fortunes, only to lose everything…
Others start sharing their gifts and building their dream life, only to self-sabotage it ALL because of incorrect beliefs about money or feeling that they don’t deserve it...
Once you discover how to access the
Divine Stream of Universal Abundance, you will
be able to control the direction of this energetic flow and
allow abundance to flow directly into every aspect of your life.
No matter your current views on money… it is needed for almost everything you want or need in life...

Your home, the car you drive, the clothes you wear, and every bite of food you eat…

All of these material blessings are created by currency flowing like electrical currents… from one place to another.

That is EXACTLY how manifestation works…
like an electrical current flowing from source
to whomever is on the same frequency as the Universe…
Think about this, you can’t plug in an appliance that runs on 220v (like a clothes dryer) into a 110v outlet.
It WON’T work! At All!

It’s not the correct voltage. 

When your frequency is not in alignment with the frequency of the Universe, you can’t connect and the current or currency cannot flow into your life.

Take a peek around your home, [Firstname]... 

Everything you have came to you through the currency of money...

Even if you received something as a gift, someone used currency to buy it...

Perhaps you’ve tried to manifest a better life before, but it hasn’t worked for you,

So let’s take a moment to examine the word “manifest” a bit more closely...

When things manifest, they simply appear.

Are you trying to FORCE material abundance to appear in your life?

Here’s a secret…

Manifestation happens effortlessly when you simply EMBRACE abundance instead of trying to MAKE it happen!
You simply need to become a Divine Stream of Universal 
Abundance, aligning your mind, your heart, and your soul 
to connect directly to the Universal source of All That Is...
Embracing it as an extended part of you.
When you undergo this powerful, deeply personal transformation, life will become much more abundant for those closest to you as well.

Your friends and family depend on you for many things... security, peace of mind, joy, and love, and you have the power waiting within you to transform your world AND theirs, beginning in just a few moments...
Experiencing Abundance Is Easy…
If You Know How!
Would you believe it’s actually incredibly easy to create a life filled with material abundance?

I know it sounds hard to believe.

But I’ll prove it to you in a moment.

First, I want to ask… to see if you know...

How many millionaires currently live in the United States?
Your best guess, [Firstname]? 

A few hundred? A few thousand? More?

Well, actually at this moment...

Over 5% of Americans are 
That’s 16,000,000 people in THIS country alone who have over 1 million dollars.
Are you surprised it’s that high?
If you’ve lived a life of struggle and scarcity, that number might be shocking to you...
But... if you have a mindset of unlimited abundance, driven by the prosperity you see everywhere around you, then it won’t be surprising at ALL!
But… There’s a Problem...
When you've removed the negative programming from your mind with Soul Manifestation 2.0...
Unless you are aware of the exact words, phrases and abundance “scripts” needed to reprogram your mind to be in alignment with the frequency of abundance, the frequency of the universe...
How can you possibly manifest your dream life?

Remember the electrical voltage analogy I shared a moment ago?
Your brain must be in a frequency state that is aligned with the frequency of the Universe to manifest with ease and grace!

Unfortunately, this is NOT a natural state. In fact… it’s the opposite state that your brain has learned to be in, [Firstname]...

And THAT is why you (and most people are NOT able to make significant changes in their lives.
The human brain wants to keep us in a state
of status quo because that is easier for the brain.
It requires less neural activity.
That's why so many people in our Soul Manifestation 2.0 community have asked to create even more powerful tools designed specifically to align your brain’s neural pathways with the frequency of material abundance.
[Firstname], this is the hidden secret I mentioned earlier that people like Lori, Marianne, Mel, and Brene use to create their AMAZING lives.
Over the course of many years they have trained their brains to see and expect financial and material abundance.
It is Now Your Turn to Discover The "Hidden Secret" People Truly Walking Their Soul Path Use to Create a Life Filled with Abundant Blessings...
You’ll have the magical magnetic abundance creation abilities of incredible authors and speakers like Brene Brown.
You will understand how to truly bring your dreams to life or CREATE brand new products like Lori Griener who helps tons of business go from barely surviving to thriving every single day.
Creating financial and material abundance will be as easy and fun as it is for Lori, who builds every kind of product imaginable with her partners… loving every minute of it… while generating incredible amounts of success and money.
You see, billionaires like Lori understand that creating financial abundance is not just about putting in hours of hard work…

It’s about being in a state of gratitude, excitement, and fun…
And it's about PASSION! 

   Lori is one of those people truly LIVING her Soul Path...
Manifesting her desires, empowering other entrepreneurs, and literally changing the world simply by shifting the flow of the Divine Stream of Universal Abundance.
Like Lori, you can access your infinite stream of abundance…anytime you desire.
The Wealth Vibration Tuning Program is like your own personal abundance fairy connecting directly with your subconscious mind using the same brain stimulating technology and guided meditation Amber and I spent years creating…
Here’s What’s You’ll Receive In Your
Wealth Vibration Tuning Program...
Wealth Vibration Tuning uses the same subconscious frequency stimulation and guided meditation tools as Soul Manifestation 2.0.

But... instead of only clearing away stress and erasing negative thoughts and trauma patterns…

You will have unlimited access to the Divine Stream of Universal Abundance, which occurs when your brain is in the same frequency as the Universe… beginning in just a few moments, [Firstname].
And… now that you’ve taken the first step by finding your Soul Path, balancing your energy, and connecting to your TRUE center…

You can use Wealth Vibration Tuning to align your brain and energy field with the specific vibrations of the Divine Stream of Universal Abundance that magnetically pull financial and material abundance directly into your life…
Just a quick thing I want to mention, [Firstname]...

And… now that you’ve taken the first step by finding your Soul Path, balancing your energy, and connecting to your TRUE center… 

You can use Wealth Vibration Tuning to align your brain and energy field with the specific vibrations of the Divine Stream of Universal Abundance that magnetically pull financial and material abundance directly into your life…
Just a quick thing I want to mention, [Firstname]...
It’s another secret many people don’t know…

You can attract many forms of material abundance into your life in addition to money!
Here’s a great example…

I have a friend, Kat, who lives in a gorgeous huge home with an incredible view of ancient ruins.
And she doesn’t pay ANYTHING to live there.

She house-sits full-time for a pilot who wants to make sure his home is kept up safe when he is flying around the globe.
Kat attracted this experience into her life by being aligned with the Divine Stream of Universal Abundance.

You see, [Firstname], when you don’t limit HOW the Universe will deliver your dream life to you, there are far more ways it can happen.
And Wealth Vibration Tuning enables you to not only attract the money to buy what you want, but it can help you attract those things directly as well.
Let me explain how this powerfully transformative 3-week program aligns your very being with the energy of manifestation attracting unlimited abundance into your life...

This powerful tool will empower you to erase every single trace of doubt and self-sabotage that’s currently preventing you from attracting unlimited financial and material abundance into your life.

You’ll dive deep into an intense exploration of your most intimate thoughts - the beliefs and thought patterns that shape your perception of who you are at the core of your being.

It will empower you with the ability to take control of your financial life in every way imaginable, including paying off bills and receiving unlimited amounts of money (even from unexpected sources) into your life.
When you embrace gratitude and appreciation for everything you currently have, being thankful for every single blessing in your life, the Divine Stream of Universal Abundance gives you even more.

This is one of the most powerful ways to draw more material blessings into your life, quickly and effortlessly.
You’ll discover how to have a magnetic money mindset, allowing you to freely spend money on whatever your heart desires without any worry about how much money you’ll have afterward.

This powerful program connects directly with your subconscious to begin expanding your financial blessings quickly.

Multiply your prosperity mindset and master the art of abundant living, just like Lori Greiner and other successful entrepreneurs.

Embrace the blessings of affluence that allow you to live a life filled with creativity, health, love, and global impact like Marianne Williamson.
With every single blessing you receive, you will magnify your ability to manifest even more financial blessings.
You’ll be empowered to align more deeply with your Soul Path and amplify your abundance on your journey to unlimited success.
Money Magnifier: Your Free Guide to
Quicker, Easier Financial Prosperity.
In life, you can do things the easy way or the hard way...
The Money Magnifier guidebook is filled with advanced investment strategies Amber and I have used for many years to get rid of all our debt, create multiple thriving businesses that each help tons of people, and a lifestyle where we never have to check the amount in our bank accounts no matter how much we spend!

You'll also get another incredibly beautiful and empowering gift (it’s my favorite)...
Transformative Affirmation Alignment 
Audios for Your 3-Week Program
Every single week of the program, you’ll also receive a bonus audio program filled with some of the most thoroughly tested and well-loved affirmations for creating an abundant financial mindset deep into the core of your being.

Language is an incredibly powerful force for rewiring your brain’s neural pathways to be in alignment with the Divine Stream of Universal Abundance, [Firstname].

These affirmation audios will empower you to quickly and easily create a NEW mindset that naturally attracts abundance to you like a magnet… without having to expend any extra effort.

This Is a Limited-Time Offer Exclusively for 
Soul Manifestation 2.0 Members Like You!
With the level of investment and time Amber and I spent creating these transformative audio programs... I’d be willing to bet you'll agree it's worth a LOT if it delivers even one tiny change to your financial situation, right? 

Once you begin attracting financial prosperity and redirecting the Divine Steam of Unlimited Abundance into your life, you’ll begin to see a ripple effect that expands your financial future and truly opens up your mindset so you can reach the next level of abundance on your Soul Path.

Many of our students have said it’s worth over $1,000 because of the abundant financial blessings it has brought into their lives.

Dream home upgrades (like a $25,000 infinity pool)

Vacations to exotic islands, including a $20,000 healing and yoga retreat in Bali.

Weekend getaways to private resorts, spas, and couple retreats costing thousands. 

And even a personal chef ($200/hour)…

But I also know you don’t have this power quite yet, [Firstname]…
But... don’t worry, because this doesn’t cost $1,000.

When I release this program to the public very soon, I will charge less than a quarter of that price, only $197… even though the value of this powerful 21-day abundance growth program is easily worth $997 or more.
But because you’re a member of my Soul Manifestation 2.0 family, I want to give you an incredible deal on this life-changing program.

I’m taking 72% off the price non-members have paid and giving you a members-only discount… but please understand, [Firstname], this offer is only available on this page now.
When you claim the Wealth Vibration Tuning program right now, you’ll receive the power to magnetically attract financial blessings into your life and MAGNIFY your financial gifts, including the inside secrets that have manifested over $20,000 in a single weekend for me... and helped me transform from battered, broken, and broke to an entrepreneurial millionaire who is helping empower others like you to do the same!
All for just $55.55!
Yes, that is another repeating number! Glad you noticed, [Firstname]!
So what does 5555 mean?
It means BIG CHANGES are coming your way!
When you see this number and you surrender to the ebb and flow of the Universe...
Allowing it to remove what is no longer working in your life...
Then you will allow something new and MUCH better to take its place…
In this case... it is your financial future that will change in a HUGE way when you claim your abundant birthright that is aligned with your true Soul Path!

Available Today Only:
3 Subliminal Wealth Commands
As I mentioned earlier, being generous is one of the most powerful things you can do…
And people like Brene Brown and Marianne Williamson prove it by sharing their transformative knowledge with millions of people every single day!

These 3 subliminal wealth audios are spread out during your 3-week Wealth Vibration Tuning program to maximize its effectiveness.

Instead of only learning new financial abundance-building strategies… you will subliminally MASTER them, and your transformation will be quicker and easier than ever.
You won’t just tap into a new world of prosperity…

You will receive an outpouring from the Universe of infinite financial blessings created just for you to receive into your life right now!

These prosperity and abundance tones are carefully calibrated musical frequencies that connect directly with your subconscious and transform your mindset from scarcity to prosperity in mere minutes.
You can use them any time of day you wish… 

Or simply listen to them as you drift peacefully off to sleep for effortless transformations and 8 hours of extra financial abundance creation every night.

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Here’s Why People Love 
Wealth Vibration Tuning:
You Decide How Much 
This Program is Worth!
Sure, I can put a price tag on Wealth Vibration Tuning 

and tell you this investment in your future is worth $55.55….

But only YOU can decide how much it’s truly worth to you!
Will you start an Airbnb business to cover your mortgage?
Will you invest in real estate to create a college fund for your kids or other loved ones?

Will you start a coaching business making an extra $2000 a month?

Will you pursue a dream career you didn’t believe you could do before?

Will you create your own transformative product that changes people’s lives while getting paid VERY well to do so?
Will you become a speaker and earn $10,000 for keynote speeches where you inspire thousands of people?
It’s all up to you, [Firstname]!
365-Day Money-Back Guarantee:
Absolutely LOVE the Divine Stream
of Universal Abundance… Or It’s Free!
I know you’re going to adore
your Wealth Vibration Tuning program.
And I don’t want ANYTHING to hold you back from receiving this blessing in your life!

So I’m extending my 60-day money-back guarantee to include your Wealth Vibration Tuning purchase.
If you don’t love it for any reason at all, I’ll happily give you a full refund.

Even if you just don’t like all the attention and freedom you’ll receive in your new lifestyle, you can still get a refund, no questions asked, and no hard feelings.

But believe me, [Firstname]… once you get a taste of living a fully abundant life, you’ll NEVER want to even think about your old life!

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Upgrade Your Order and Receive 
Wealth Vibration Tuning Now.
Click the button below now to upgrade your order and get unlimited access to the Divine Stream of Universal Abundance now!
Your Life of Blessings Begins
in This Exact Divine Moment.

I know you’ve struggled in the past, [Firstname].
But that ends NOW.

You’re about to begin a journey into a magical world of prosperity you’ve never even come close to experiencing before.
And WHY haven’t you been able to experience this type of abundance before?
It’s not because you’re a bad person. It’s not because of karma.
It’s NOT your fault AT ALL, [Firstname]!
It’s simply because your brain is not yet operating at the frequency in alignment with the Divine Stream of Universal Abundance…
You see… most people spend most of their time with their brain in beta or beta-gamma frequencies (which lead to anxiety, thoughts of fear, and lack.)
I’m sure you can see how that would block abundance which comes from the frequency of love, gratitude, and appreciation…
All of us can be in that positive state for a few moments… but to keep your brain in that state requires being in alpha/theta frequencies for much longer periods of time.
Alpha/theta frequencies ARE the currents of creativity and manifestation, the frequencies of source, of divine creation.
And those are the frequencies you need your brain to be in to align with the correct current/frequency of the Divine Stream of Universal Abundance.
And Wealth Vibration Tuning is designed to keep your brain in those powerful alpha/theta frequencies so you can access the Divine Stream of Universal Abundance at WILL!
Without hours of meditating. Without reciting mantras 144 times each day.

Will you start an Airbnb business to cover your mortgage?
Will you invest in real estate to create a college fund for your kids or other loved ones?

Will you start a coaching business making an extra $2000 a month?

Will you pursue a dream career you didn’t believe you could do before?

Will you create your own transformative product that changes people’s lives while getting paid VERY well to do so?
Will you become a speaker and earn $10,000 for keynote speeches where you inspire thousands of people?
It’s all up to you, [Firstname]!