I’m so excited for your commitment to truly living your Soul Path!

And it lets me know that I am truly making a difference in your life by fulfilling MY Soul Path!

I have an additional dimension of my journey to share with you, [Firstname].

It’s another aspect of creating my dream life and helping others on my Soul Path.
It’s a gift I discovered that is even
more powerful than financial abundance.
And... I discovered it by accident
It’s not a gift you can buy in a store or on a website.

And it’s value is far greater than any material item.

It even has more value in your life than meeting your soulmate.

Not even Lori Greiner or Brene Brown can buy this gift…

(But they desperately want it, and I’m sharing it with YOU today!)

First... I want to share why this gift is so important to me, [Firstname].
When I was a kid, I was sick a lot.
You remember when I shared how I stayed home sick from school a lot to avoid kids who were bullying me?

And how I often pretended to be sicker that I actually was because things at school were THAT bad.

My dad was at work all day, so I got to not only avoid the kids at school…

I also got to stay in bed during his morning screamfest before school.

But... that is only part of my story about my health “issues”.
I also developed a lot of depression and anxiety
problems because of my father’s violence.
My brother became an alcoholic like my dad, but I did the opposite.

I became codependent like my mom.

In Maria’s support group of empowered women I learned that...
People have different responses to different types of childhood trauma from their parents:
Mother Wounds and Father Wounds.
(And I go into a lot of depth on this topic in your
 Personalized Soul Path Report.)

I haven’t shared much about my mom with you yet, [Firstname].

My relationship with my mother was a HUGE factor in my need to discover this gift that saved my very life.
One of the things I learned in Maria’s group is that the type of 
relationship women have with their fathers has a dramatic effect on 
their romantic relationships…
But… a woman’s relationship with her mother
has a huge impact on how she sees HERSELF.
Because of my father’s abuse, my mom had zero self-esteem too.
And she had chronic health issues.
She had fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, depression, anxiety, and a laundry list of other diagnoses, including multiple auto-immune disorders.
Auto-immunity is the immune system being out of whack and attacking the body instead of invaders like bacteria and viruses.
I later developed auto-immune issues myself, including rheumatoid arthritis. 

So I did a TON of research (and later after my meeting with Amber, she helped me too)...

I learned that auto-immune issues are typically triggered by three things…

Genetics (which I had from my mom and grandmom)
A virus
An incredibly stressful event or period of time

With the stress from living with my dad and having had mono (mononucleosis) as a teenager, I had all three.
And I began getting VERY sick for REAL.
And during a especially stressful semester at the community college, I was taking several really hard classes.
And I was also working full-time.
I would stay up all night doing homework, reading textbooks, writing papers, and studying.

After about two months of this, my body said 
I suddenly felt like I had the flu with a low grade fever, pain all over, and a level of deep exhaustion I’d never experienced before.
I found out years later that was my first rheumatoid arthritis flare.

I struggled with my health for years after that.

I did a TON of research and learned everything I could about healing with supplements, a healthy diet, cleansing, juicing, fasting, and reiki…

I tried essential oils, chiropractic, acupuncture, deep tissue massage, cupping, and lots of other natural healing modalities.

And most of them helped, but…

I still had very low energy and many days of complete exhaustion when I would push too hard or not get enough sleep.

Things were better with my health, but they were far from great.

And it was affecting my ability to work with very many life-coaching clients.

I had hit a wall with my research.

Then something magical happened...
Maria Invited Me on a Yoga Retreat…
and It Changed My Life Forever
When we first arrived, I met the instructor.

Her name was Arielle, and she looked radiant…

She wasn’t just in great shape physically....
...she also had incredibly beautiful energy. And she exuded peace and balance.

She was bursting with energy and vitality like no one I’d ever seen in my life!

And I was flat-on-the-floor shocked to find out that she was 70 years old!

I was half her age at the time, but you wouldn’t have guessed it by how I looked
The years of stress and health issues had made me look 45 instead of 35.

I asked her how much yoga and exercise I’d have to do to look and feel like her.

Arielle said, “almost none.”

I didn’t believe my ears. This yoga instructor just told me I had to do almost no yoga to be like her?

“So, what DO I need to do?” I questioned…

Arielle smiled and began speaking softly, her voice like a gentle breeze...

“Yoga happens in your mind first. Visualize your body becoming more energized and youthful.”
It made perfect sense, and the research I found when I got home proved it.

In fact, people who visualize themselves exercising actually grow and change their muscles!
Even your DNA can be rejuvenated and repaired
through visualization and meditation.
Mental exercises like meditation are just as important as physical exercise…

And if you’re stressed out, it’s even more critical to calm your mind.
I Spoke with My Cousin Amber about Using This Research to Create a Program that Improves
Your Health, Youthfulness, and Energy - Subconsciously
And You’re About To
get access
to it!
We decided to call it Health Vibration Tuning, and it uses the same Vibrational Phenomenon as Soul Manifestation 2.0…

But instead of clearing away stress and helping you erase negativity…

It rejuvenates you - down to the cellular level - and uses healing vibrations to improve your health and energy!
This Program Rejuvenates You
and It Even Repairs Your DNA
Yes - your DNA can actually get longer and stronger, helping you stay young and possibly even increasing your lifespan!

You’ll receive 21 days of a deeply healing, purifying ritual in an easy-to-use audio program.

Here’s what’s included in
You will enter a deep, meditative trance that allows you to connect deeply with your body and discover your current physical state.

And you’ll create a healing environment using alpha waves that give you full control over your health, mind, and body.

You will experience a soft, relaxing state, full of purifying, healing energy.
This week, you will discover your own sensory temple within your mind.
You’ll fill yourself with powerful, healing energy that gives you the vitality and youth you want and deserve.

You can even target specific areas of your body that need deep healing and reduce chronic pain in those areas.
This week, you will discover your own sensory temple within your mind.
You’ll fill yourself with powerful, healing energy that gives you the vitality and youth you want and deserve.

You can even target specific areas of your body that need deep healing and reduce chronic pain in those areas.
Feel the Energy, Self-Confidence, and Radiance
You Want… Without Having to Eat Yucky Foods
 or Follow Difficult Exercise Programs.
Good health is the key to a great life.

But... doing difficult workouts that stress you out is NOT the way to get healthy!

In fact, many people damage their health and ruin their energy levels by going on extreme diets and using draining workouts.

Instead, you can begin to feel the natural rejuvenation and purifying energy of Health Vibration Tuning within just a few minutes.

The first thing you will notice is that it feels incredibly refreshing.

Like I Said... Lori and Brene
Can’t Buy Good Health
But You Can Get Full Access to
Health Vibration Tuning
Right Now and Begin Feeling Incredibly Young
 and Energized Today!
I have to be honest with you, [Firstname]…

This is not a regular health program!

We’re launching Health Vibration Tuning to a limited audience of just 500 people to start with as part of a research program.

When you get access to Health Vibration Tuning, you’ll receive the complete 21 day program instantly.

And ALL I ask in return for giving you this limited-time offer is that you send me a short email describing your experience.

Specifically, I want to know how it impacts your self-confidence, happiness, energy, and youthful radiance.

If you can do that for me, I’ll let you in for just a fraction of the retail price.

The Retail Price for
Health Vibration Tuning
IS $255.55,
But You’re Getting a
Limited-Time Offer Right Now...
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Get Health Vibration Tuning for Just
Like I said, this is part of a research program,
so you’re getting an amazing deal on it.
In exchange for your $222.22 discount,
all I ask is that you send me a quick email to tell me about your self-confidence, energy, happiness, and youthful radiance.
And of course, generosity is a HUGE KEY to manifestation, so I want to share a few extra gifts with you today, [Firstname]...
3 Deep Restoration Affirmations Audios
for Your 21-Day Journey
(Free Gift Worth $67)
Olympic athletes and Shaolin Monks use guided meditation, visualization, and affirmations to align their bodies with their minds and desires.

By listening to these health affirmations during your 3-week program, you will physically change and improve your body with the power of a stress-free mind.

You can naturally trigger a powerful transformation in your body with this free bonus gift today.
Vibrant Vitality
Have you ever wondered why “naturally thin people” don’t have any problem staying thin?

It’s not because of their metabolisms…

It’s because they subliminally LOVE leafy greens, salad, and other refreshing veggies!

These subliminal audios replace bad habits with a natural desire for the foods that keep you in shape and feeling great about your body.

You won’t believe how much you’ll crave fruits and veggies after listening to this FREE 3-week bonus program! (Retail price: $49.)

Oh, and there’s another gift for you, [Firstname]…
Balanced Breathwork
It’s easy to forget how important your breath is.

It provides oxygen to your brain, fuels your metabolism, refreshes your mind, and gives you the essential energy you need to blossom every day.

Instead of letting your breath “happen on its own,” you can finally take control of this essential process and use it to improve your health and happiness.

And… if you’re keeping count, that’s $142 in free gifts...

But only if you get the Health Vibration Tuning program right now!
Here’s what people in our research project have said about this program so far:
Yes, You Still Get a
360-Day Money-Back Guarantee!
Just because this is part of an important research program doesn’t mean you don’t get the same 60-day money-back guarantee.

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Your health is the most important form of abundance you have.

It gives you the power to chase your dreams, reduce your pain, and enjoy a long, happy life.
Health Vibration Tuning
has helped me personally
to have a lot more energy so I can now
help many more people on my Soul Path!
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