{FIRSTNAME}, as I’m sure you know, you are a Pisces, the Fish. 

But… did you know that Pisces is connected to The Moon card? 

The Moon card symbolizes voluntary change, intuition, illusion, danger, and deception.

You are an emotional person as a Water sign with mutable energy. 

And you are incredibly intuitive, empathic, creative, emotionally intelligent, and generous, {FIRSTNAME}. 

You also are very focused on your community and helping humanity.

But… you need to make sure to work on your weaknesses – being too emotional, impressionable, naive, or closed off.

Pisces can also succumb to victim consciousness and addiction very easily, longing to escape from reality and responsibility.

If you want to be happy, you need to step into your own unique power and not second guess yourself.

It’s critical for you to learn to have stronger energetic boundaries and not focus on pleasing others at your own expense. You must learn to say “no” when “yes” doesn’t make sense for you.

Channeling your emotions and your energy into creative projects, practicing ground exercises, activating your throat chakra, and journaling will all help you immensely. 

It is critically important for you to limit your use of alcohol and recreational drugs if you want to truly fulfill your destiny in this lifetime, {FIRSTNAME}. 


{FIRSTNAME}, as I’m sure you know, you are an Aquarius, the Water-Bearer. 

But… did you know that Aquarius is connected to The Star card? 

The Star card symbolizes shining bright like the star you are to inspire people to be hopeful and believe in miraculous possibilities.

You are an intellectual person as an Air sign with fixed energy. 

And you are incredibly visionary, unique, intelligent, rebellious, and assertive, {FIRSTNAME}. 

You also are very focused on your community and helping humanity.

But… you need to make sure to work on your weaknesses – being too optimistic, aloofness, unpredictability, and emotional detachment.

You can also have a tendency toward egotism because your unique approaches are vastly different than other signs. 

But remember, we each have our role to play and no one is better than anyone else, {FIRSTNAME}.

With the immense amount of knowledge you acquire, make sure to actually apply it to your life or it won’t have much value. Knowledge without action is pretty useless.

Writing your ideas down and practicing groundedness will go a long way in helping you bring those innovative ideas into reality. 

Your biggest challenge in this lifetime is to become more heart-centered, {FIRSTNAME}. 

And focusing on connecting with your own heart first will help you connect with others.



{FIRSTNAME}, as I’m sure you know, you are a Capricorn, the Sea Goat. 

But… did you know that Capricorn is connected to The Devil card? 

The Devil card symbolizes charm, enchantment, and material abundance.

You are a grounded person as an Earth sign with cardinal energy. 

And you are incredibly practical, persistent, disciplined, hardworking, ambitious, realistic, and calm in challenging circumstances, {FIRSTNAME}. 

But… you need to make sure to work on your weaknesses – pessimism, fear of failure, and superficiality.

Don’t overthink things or let fear hold you back from taking action, {FIRSTNAME}. 

And no matter how much you want something, always be honest, even if you think a “little white lie” will get what you want more easily. 

Don’t fall for that temptation. It’s not worth it!

Take the time to write down your ambitions and goals so they are in front of you and be patient as you take the time you need to work toward your goals.


{FIRSTNAME}, as I’m sure you know, you are a Sagittarius, the Archer. 

But… did you know that Sagittarius is connected to the Temperance card? 

The Temperance card reveals a need to find balance, combine forces with others, tackle problems calmly, and make decisions only after careful planning.

You are an intense person as a Fire sign with mutable energy. And you are incredibly optimistic, honest, independent, philosophical, expansive, and adventurous.

You also are very ambitious, spontaneous, and charismatic, {FIRSTNAME}. 

But… you need to make sure to work on your weaknesses – impatience, unreliability, flakiness, and nosiness. 

And you need to spend more time focusing on the details, and keeping yourself accountable to following through with your goals.

Take the time to stop and smell the roses instead of just focusing on where you want to be. Remember it’s about the journey, not the destination, {FIRSTNAME}!

Setting lofty goals, creating a detailed plan of action to achieve them, and realizing that you must be patient with yourself as you work to attain them will give you a much better result.


{FIRSTNAME}, as I’m sure you know, you are a Scorpio, the Scorpion. 

But… did you know that Scorpio is connected to the Death card? 

The Death card symbolizes deep change and transformation and as a Scorpio, you will undergo many transformations in your life.

You are a deeply emotional person as a Water sign with fixed energy. And you are incredibly honest, loyal, creative, determined, ambitious, discerning, and intuitive.

But… you need to make sure to work on your weaknesses – jealousy, possessiveness, obsession, secrecy, having a negative mindset, resentment, revengefulness, and controlling behavior.

In order to be truly happy, you must begin to learn to trust people and open up your hidden emotions. 

You also need to give people space and independence and not see them as “yours”. 

It’s very hard for you to be vulnerable and trust others, but it is necessary if you want to have healthy relationships, {FIRSTNAME}.


{FIRSTNAME}, as I’m sure you know, you are a Libra, the Scales of Justice. 

But… did you know that Libra is connected to the Justice card? 

The Justice card symbolizes balance, kindness, fairness, and focus on making decisions that are fair to all people involved.

You are a very intellectual person as an Air sign with cardinal energy. And you are incredibly fair, social, charismatic, idealistic, and diplomatic.

But… you need to make sure to work on your weaknesses – focusing too much on pleasing others to your own detriment, avoiding confrontation, and being clever to the point of being manipulative.

You can also be too indecisive and not take the time to find out what you really want in life and focus on pleasing others instead of pursuing your own dreams.

Spend more time focusing on making decisions and holding yourself accountable for the decisions you make. Learn from “negative’ experiences instead of letting them upset you. 


{FIRSTNAME}, as I’m sure you know, you are a Virgo, the Virgin. 

But… did you know that Virgo is connected to the Hermit card? 

The Hermit card signifies that you are a person who needs to take life a bit slower than others and focus on fulfilling your life’s mission.

You are a very grounded person as an Earth sign with mutable energy. 

As a perfectionist, you can excel in many areas of your life. You are a fantastic communicator and nurture those around you.  

You are a hard worker and it you utilize both your intuition and your discernment, you will go far in life 

But… you need to make sure to work on your weaknesses – perfectionism, judgement of others, anxiety and worry, and never being satisfied by your present life.

It’s also important to be less critical of others and of yourself. Make sure you don’t keep others at bay by hiding your emotions.

Work on opening up your heart chakra, {FIRSTNAME}, so you can get comfortable connecting with feelings and sharing them with others more easily.


{FIRSTNAME}, as I’m sure you know, you are a Leo, the Lion. 

But… did you know that Leo is connected to the Strength card? 

The Strength card symbolizes courage and having power in all aspects or your life – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. 

You face your problems head-on and defeat them with your will-power. 

And as long as you practice self-control, you have the ability to overcome great obstacles that would send others running to hide, {FIRSTNAME}.

You are a very intense person as a fire sign with fixed energy and you can be incredibly confident, assertive, and creative. 

And as the queen or king of the jungle, you are a natural, strong leader.  

But… you need to make sure to work on your weaknesses – pride, vanity, and ego. Being confident is great. Thinking you are better than others isn’t.

Make sure that you stick to your path and don’t let other people side track you. You KNOW you have important work to do!

And remember, {FIRSTNAME}, the best way to lead others is to listen and lead by example. Others will do what you do far more than what you say!

Whenever you feel argumentative, calm down by writing down your feelings before talking. It will help you sort out your feelings so you can express them more clearly and rationally.


{FIRSTNAME}, as I’m sure you know, you are a Cancer, the Crab. 

But… did you know that Cancer is connected to The Chariot card? 

The Chariot card is connected to success, willpower, endurance, health, organization, confidence, and victory over life conflicts. 

You have the ability to face great challenges that would destroy others, {FIRSTNAME}.

You are a very emotional person as a water sign with cardinal energy and you can be incredibly empathic, intuitive, nurturing, and protective of those you love.

But… you need to make sure to work on not putting others before yourself or becoming too enmeshed with other people, losing who you truly are in the process.

Let boundaries become your new best friend, {FIRSTNAME}. They will protect you from others taking advantage of your caring, loving, giving nature.

As unnatural as it will feel to you, it is critical that you put your needs and your family’s needs before the needs of others or you will end up feeling drained, depressed, and eventually resentful.

Other traits that can cause problems for you are being possessive, clingy, or defensive. 

Make sure you take time to look at the big picture and not get so caught up in the details that you don’t see the forest, but only the trees.

It’s crucial for you to focus on finding your purpose in life and living it so you don’t spend your life fulfilling others dreams instead of your own.


{FIRSTNAME}, as I’m sure you know, you are a Gemini, The Twins. 

But… did you know that Gemini is connected to The Lovers card? 

The Lovers card symbolizes intelligence, attraction, beauty, a childlike nature, and overcoming trials.

You are a very intellectual person as an Air sign with mutable energy and you can be incredibly playful, social, and creative.

But… you need to work on your “adulting” skills so you don’t end up acting like a child in situations that require maturity.

Make sure you avoid gossiping and focus on balancing the two sides of your nature as much as you can (it won’t be easy, but you can get there if you work hard on it!)

You need to work on commitment and accountability, {FIRSTNAME}. Don’t bail when things get tough. Challenges give you strength!

Whenever you need to have an important discussion with someone, it can be incredibly helpful to write down your thoughts to process everything first so you don’t overwhelm others with too many words that go in circles.

Do your best to channel your energy into creative projects instead of just talking with everyone about them instead of taking action. And consider asking an Aries friend to help you.

Whenever you start feeling defensive, do your best to switch your thoughts to curiosity instead.

Try “I wonder why that person thinks that weird untrue thing about me?” instead of “WTF?!? You are a jerk!”

Focus on your childlike qualities (innocence, joy, fresh perspectives, curiosity) as opposed to childish behaviors (immaturity, quitting when frustrated, defensiveness).


{FIRSTNAME}, as I’m sure you know, you are a Taurus, the Bull. 

But… did you know that Taurus is connected to The Hierophant card?

The Hierophant card symbolizes doctrine, manifestation, teaching, intuition, guidance, authority, and divine wisdom.

You are a very grounded person as an Earth sign with fixed energy and you can be incredibly disciplined, persistent, and hard-working.

Lucky you, {FIRSTNAME}! Taureans naturally attract abundance and tend to be very physically attractive. 

You also probably have an open throat chakra and are able to easily express yourself verbally. And you may be in love with being in love.

But… you can be stubborn and find it hard to make adjustments to changes that life throws your way. 

And if you are stressed out, you can bury your emotions in food or shopping sprees. And you can be blinded by love and not see your romantic partner for who they really are. 

It’s important for you to learn to roll with life’s changes, {FIRSTNAME}. And let people go who are no longer a fit in your life. 

Make sure to create back-up plans in case your first plan doesn’t pan out. That way you can always have the stability you love and not throw your life into chaos when things don’t work out as you planned.


{FIRSTNAME}, as I’m sure you know, you are an Aries, the Ram. 

But… did you know that Aries is connected to The Emperor card? 

The Emperor card represents masculine energy, stability, leadership, power, authority, reason, control, self-discipline, and will-power.

You are a fiery person with cardinal energy who has an immense amount of inner strength that will give you the energy to take action easily.

You are gifted as a natural born leader, filled with initiative and the ability to inspire others.

It is very important for you to avoid acting too quickly though, {FIRSTNAME}. Being hasty or overzealous can lead to problems if you aren’t careful. 

As the first sign of the zodiac, you can be naive and sometimes selfish if you aren’t careful to express empathy for others in your life.

It’s very important that you take the time to reflect on your decisions and process your life experiences before taking action in new directions so you don’t have regrets. 

And watch out for that temper, {FIRSTNAME}! Look out for triggers for your anger and see how you can approach communication in a calmer manner after you take time to sort out your feelings.

Do your best to channel that intense energy into passion for your hobbies or career instead.