Your Tarot Reading For March 31, 2020 is Lovers

Today’s message for you is that any imbalances you’ve been feeling are changing now!

When The Lovers show up in a reading, it’s not always about romantic relationships but can also be a sign of harmony, alignment, passion in life, and positive healthy relationships in all areas of your life.

The Lovers card is also a sign of spiritual union which means you will be either attracting people who appreciate you, or opportunities where your gifts will be appreciated!

I’m getting the feeling lately you’ve been feeling discontented and discouraged and the Lovers are a sign things are looking up! You can breathe a sigh of relief!

Any time we feel misunderstood, unseen, unheard, or disrespected, it creates a feeling of tension and unease in us. And based on what I’m seeing for you, those feelings are ending now.

No one thrives in negativity, and you are no exception.

We do our best when we feel supported and the Lovers card is calling to let you know it’s time for you to make choices in certain relationships and circumstances.

Are they encouraging and supporting you?

The connections and partnerships we form (personally and professionally) are really about us.

Our relationships are mirrors reflecting back to us what we need to see so we can grow.

To better activate the energy of the Lovers, ask yourself what you’ve been learning or seeing in your relationships or circumstances.

What are you being shown about yourself? What did you need to learn?

And know the Universe is the ultimate spiritual partner and has your back!

Today’s Affirmation:

“All is well as my divine partnership with the Universe encourages and supports me lovingly as my highest and best self. I release any situations or circumstances which are not supportive and I call in the ones to encourage me. I am open to spiritual union in every area of my life.”

Your Tarot Reading For June 23, 2020 is 10 of Cups

This reading is giving me chills — you’re in alignment like never before!

I can tell that you’ve been doing “the work.”

You know, rising nice and early and dedicating time to connect with yourself…

Gratitude journals, personal development books, better health and wellness… I can feel it radiating from your aura!

Not only am I channeling this energy from you as your reader, but your spirit network of angels, guides, and ancestors are so immensely proud of you, which is why they are sending you the congratulatory message from the 10 of Cups tarot card.

When the 10 of cups card shows up in a reading, the energy of divinity, pure love, harmony, and blissful relationships is brought forward.

That’s how I know that you’ve been working hard on improving yourself internally — because your external reality is about to reflect the peace and prosperity that you feel within.

As with anything in this human experience, you’re in control of the outcome starting with your mind and internal world.

I truly feel that you’re in a good place to begin merging your life with another’s in a more permanent way.

Since you’re at peace, you can bring peace to a relationship or even create a happy, balanced home with a partner or loved one.

I can also sense that this has been a long time coming. You’ve had to go through a ton of shadow work, nurture your self-love, and maintain some tough boundaries to finally get to this place in life.

This is a great time to do some retrospection, thinking back on all that you’ve been through to finally get to this moment, right here right now.

Pat yourself on the back!

You deserve all of the blessings being bestowed upon you, your family, and your relationships.

Now, your only job is to enjoy being present in this blissful moment with the people that are closest to you.

Today’s Affirmation:

“I thank The Universe for bringing prosperity and peace into my life. I can rest and relax into this blissful moment in my life, being present and reveling in the happiness that surrounds me and my loved ones. ”

Your Tarot Reading For June 17, 2020 is Page of Pentacles

Have you been having dreams of your bank account growing overnight?

It wouldn’t surprise me if you have because your spirit guides, angels, and ancestors want you to know that you have a new financial opportunity approaching!

When the Page of Pentacles card shows up in a reading, it brings earthly energy to the forefront.
This means that you’re being presented with an opportunity to materialize your goals and ideas, most likely receiving monetary rewards for them!

The Universe recognizes that you’ve been hard at work, developing your craft.

Source energy also feels the drive and passion you have when it comes to what you’ve been working on — your guides want you to know that they are so proud of your commitment and persistence!

This isn’t just any regular pentacle energy though.

The Page of Pentacles is like an invitation to a party or a welcoming of newer, more revitalizing energy — especially when it comes to your finances.

This is the time to welcome new opportunities to your material life – a new job, a new business, or a financial windfall.

If you’ve been having a burning desire to bring a new project to life, The Universe will illuminate the path to turn your dreams into reality.

Again, this tarot card brings forth the initiation energy to begin implementing new ways of bringing money into your life.

It’s very much a gift — but you do have to use this energy, not just expect these miracles to roll into your reality with little to no effort.

Right now is the time to thank your spiritual network — your angels, ancestors, and spirit guides that are working behind the scenes — and thank them for this new phase in your life because it has definitely been divinely orchestrated!

Get ready for the blessings that will follow if you heed this message and begin to work towards what’s inspiring you!

You’ll definitely be swimming in gratitude (and dollar bills) then!

The best way to ensure that those miraculous gifts flow into your experience with as little resistance as possible is to continue listening to those calls to action, those butterflies of inspiration in your stomach, and put pen to paper to bring them to life.

Today’s Affirmation:

“I am so grateful for the new blessings and financial abundance that is on it’s way to me. I am so thankful for the opportunity to bring my ideas to life and be rewarded for sharing my unique gifts. ”

Your Tarot Reading For June 11, 2020 is 2 of Wands

Even though you’re ready to get up and go, right now is NOT the time to make a big decision.

Rather, this is the time to plan for the big decision that you’re going to have to make very soon.

I know, it’s like you’ve got ants in your pants at this point — but The Universe wants you to know that you need to strategize first.

When the Two of Wands card shows up in a reading, it brings the wand’s fiery energy to the forefront, presenting you with a passionate fork in the road.

For a while, you might have felt like you’re in this stagnant place in your life.

As with anything, the Universe is always listening and paying attention to your desires.

So now, you’re faced with a few options before you!

Now more than ever, you’re being called to channel this new zest for life strategically, relying more on your practical, masculine energy.

Despite your gender, everyone has the ability to tap into masculine energy that deals with what can be seen, touched, felt, heard, and planned.

Your spirit guides want you to use your mind right now and not rely so much on your feelings.

Now, this card doesn’t necessarily mean that you should completely ignore your emotions. Afterall, passion and excitement are also emotions.

But… just remember, emotions are just energy in motion. So answer the call of the 2 of Wands card and channel this energy productively!

Right now is the time to reach out to your spiritual network — your angels, ancestors, and spirit guides that are working behind the scenes want to see you reach your goals. They can give you guidance and clarity when you need it.

If only you knew the blessings that will follow if you heed this message and prepare yourself for this next chapter of your life…

You’ll definitely be thanking the Universe then!

The best way to ensure that those miraculous gifts continue to come into your life is to break out your planner and get realistic about how you’re going to commit to your next big move.

Today’s Affirmation:

“I invite clarity into my life as my angels, spirit guides, and ancestors guide me towards fulfilling my divine soul path. I know that they are assisting me, paving the way, and highlighting the next steps that I need to take. I will plan my future with confidence and courage.”

Your Tarot Reading For June 05, 2020 is Ace of Cups

I can feel love in the air!

And this isn’t just any regular kind of love, this is a divine connection to The Universe, an opening of the heart chakra like never before, and intuitive gifts peaking!

When the Ace of Cups card shows up in a reading, it means that you’re literally going to be overflowing with blessings, especially when it comes to the heart.

You are being reminded of the strongest force on this planet: love.

You’ve heard it before — love can make you move mountains!

Now more than ever, you’re being activated in such a way that you’ll actually know what that relentless, beautiful force of energy feels like.

Now, this card doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be having a new love come into your life (although that could be true, too!).

The Ace of Cups card definitely tells the tale of a new level of connection.

This means that if you’re already in a relationship, you and your lover may reach new levels in your relationship.

Or, if you’ve been working hard to cultivate a creative project, you might have new ideas flowing to you that you know just fit.

This card also indicates that you may have a deeper spiritual connection brewing between you and The Universe, igniting your intuition and opening your physical body up to psychic abilities.

Just as the Ace of Cups cup is overflowing in the traditional depiction of the card, your blessings are about to be overflowing, too!

Right now is the time to give thanks to your spiritual network — your angels, ancestors, and spirit guides that are working behind the scenes to help you be successful and experience bliss in this human experience.

If only you knew what was on it’s way to you right now…

You would definitely say thank you to the Universe!

The best way to ensure that those miraculous gifts continue to come into your life is to remain in a state of gratitude.

Don’t let up on your meditations, gratitude journals, or positive affirmations.

ALL of these spiritual tools are going to strengthen your connection to the divine and the power of the Ace of Cups!

Today’s Affirmation:

“Bliss is my birthright! Gratitude is my attitude! I am forever grateful for the blessings of love, abundance, and spiritual connection in my life. And so it is.”

Your Tarot Reading For May 30, 2020 is 8 of Swords

You have got to get out of your own way!

When the 8 of swords card shows up in a reading, it means that you could potentially be blocking your blessings.

You are being reminded of the power of your mind — it can be used to create your beautiful reality or a world full of fear and anxiety.

The choice is yours!

When you look at the traditional 8 of Swords card, it shows a woman that is blindfolded, chained, and surrounded by a cage of swords.

Since the Swords suit represents the mind in tarot, this shows that your mind is turning into a prison of sorts.

If you study the 8 of Swords card closely, you can see that her handcuffs are simply loosely bound chains that can easily be slipped off if she didn’t believe that she was really stuck.

The Universe is giving you a clear message that you are the only one who can free yourself.

Once you decide to finally let those chains rest at your feet, you can take your own blindfold off and see the complete picture.

You’ll in fact find that there are ample opportunities for you to slip through the spaces between thet swords that once stood as a cage.

Instead of looking to anyone else to help or relying on a victim mentality, the Universe is calling you to be your own savior here by releasing anxious thought patterns.

It’s time to move on with a better and brighter future!

Everything that you’ve been waiting for is literally right around the corner…

The message of the 8 of Swords card is typically easier said than done, but you’re strong enough to move past this doubtful period in your life.

The best advice that I can give you right now is to think of all of the positive possibilities that lie within the unknown rather than your past negative experiences.

If you continue to harbor on those past circumstances, you’ll create the same reality for yourself over and over again.

The Universe is inviting you to explore a new way of life — one that takes a bit of courage and risk taking to conquer, but that also has beautiful, abundant rewards!

Today’s Affirmation:

“I can reflect on my past experiences without experiencing them again in my current reality. I learn from my past experiences so that I can create a better future. I appreciate lessons from my past because it has prepared me for the abundance, blessings, and prosperity that I receive now.”

Your Tarot Reading For May 24, 2020 is Ace of Swords

Get ready for a breakthrough!

When I was gathering the energy to do a reading for you I could sense that you’ve been feeling plagued by mental fatigue and fogginess.

You’re facing unprecedented times and fear of the unknown seemed to be draining your energy from you.

Not only do your spirit guides and angels feel this energy from you, but they sent this reading to you to restore your hope for the future.

The Universe sent forth the Ace of Swords card, which brings forth new mental clarity, epiphany moments, and brand new ideas.

The swords suit in tarot represents your mentality and Ace cards are a new opportunity or gift given by The Universe.

This is just what you need!

If you’ve been struggling to solve a problem, figure out how to bring your manifestations to life, or not sure of what steps to take next, you will finally have a better sense of direction.

The Ace of Swords also gives you enhanced abilities, specifically intuition and discernment.

Right now, you’re able to use both the mind and your sixth sense to make better decisions for yourself.

I can sense that this has been a long time coming.

Your spirit guides want to encourage you to clear your mind as much as possible to allow more clarity to come through.

This may mean that you can do a social media detox so that you’re not consuming so much information all the time.

Or you might want to try eating lightly for a week or two because your gut health directly affects your mental health as well.

This is a great time to do some journaling, get into a deep meditation, and invite signs and symbols to come through in your dreams.

Just allow yourself to be open to receiving these messages! This is the gift that you’ve been asking for!

Today’s Affirmation:

“My mind and my body work together in perfect harmony to allow messages from The Universe to guide me on my divine soul path.”

Your Tarot Reading For May 18, 2020 is 6 of Cups

Your spirit guides, angels, and ancestors want you to know that your past isn’t full of all bad memories.

Many of us prefer to block out our past because our trauma resides there in those old memories.

If you haven’t reprogrammed yourself to find the positivity in every situation, it can be really difficult to look back on the experiences you’ve had with joy and nostalgia.

When the 6 of Cups card shows up in a reading, the Universe is trying to bring forth happy childhood memories to help you reconnect with your inner child.

THe inner child is always a part of you. This little version of yourself holds some of the most impactful memories — especially the ones that reveal your divine soul purpose.

Just think about it, when you’re young, you experience every emotion for the very first time.

Sure, there are moments that don’t make you feel so good, like when you felt sad for the first time or betrayed.

But there are also more joyous moments like when you discovered a new hobby or fell in love for the first time.

The 6 of Cups card traditionally shows a young boy presenting a cup filled with flowers to a young girl.

There is innocence here, ingenuity, curiosity, and love energies in this card.

The 6 of Cups is like an invitation to reconnect with the child-like side of you that doesn’t take too many things seriously and focuses on finding the love, joy, and happiness in life.

The Universe is also encouraging you to think back into your childhood and remember those moments that brought you excitement, opened your heart chakra for the first time, and inspired you.

Remember when adults used to ask you, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Think back on that answer, it might reveal more about yourself than you think!

Today’s Affirmation:

“I approach life with curiosity rather than defensiveness. I am open to trying new things, meeting new people, and exploring different parts of the world as if I am experiencing life for the first time as a child. I invite my inner child to connect with me once again. ”

Your Tarot Reading For May 12, 2020 is 3 of Cups

I have a good feeling that you’re going to be making great connections very soon!

Did you know that there are huge shifts going on up in the cosmos that are directly affecting the collective’s energy?

Not only are these energetic shifts affecting the world around us all, but they are also directly effecting you, too.

One of the main shifts that have been taking place is this shift from Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius, which is all about community and humanitarianism.

It makes sense as to why on a collective level, social issues have taken the main stage which is very Aquarian energy.
On a personal level, your spirit guides want you to know that The Universe is activating a social shift for you as well, [[firstname]].

When the Three of Cups card shows up in a reading, it brings forward new friendships, relationships, and partnerships that are actually in alignment with your soul.

For a while, you may have felt a little lonely — especially during the chaos that seemed to consume most of 2020.

The most consistent thing that I’ve heard from many of my clients during this time is that many people seemed to just be “falling out of their lives.”

Have you experienced this recently, [[firstname]]?

If it’s been difficult with losing old friends, disconnecting with family members that just don’t seem to support you or understand who you truly are, and even move away from jobs that no longer serve you, you’re truly in alignment with The Universe’s energy.

Don’t worry!

This isolated feeling is coming to a close with the divine message of fulfilling partnership and friendship with the 3 of Cups card.

As challenging as vibrating past your old friends and family might have been, it was completely necessary to isolate and improve yourself by yourself.

Now that you have space in your life for new connections, you can attract authentic soul family members that match this 3 of Cups energy in the future!

Today’s Affirmation:

“I lovingly detach from old connections that no longer match my energetic frequency. I look forward to the divinely guided friendships, partnerships, and relationships that are making way into my life now.”

Your Tarot Reading For May 06, 2020 is 7 of Swords

I need to tell you this before it’s too late…

Integrity is the best spiritual protection.

If you’ve been having some not-so-good thoughts cross your mind lately, your spirit guides, angels, and ancestors want you to know that nothing good will come out of trying to take shortcuts.

When the 7 of Swords card shows up in a reading, it means that there is a level of manipulation, deception, theft, or trickery about.

You are being reminded that this Universe has laws — laws that cannot be broken no matter how smart you think you are!

You’ve heard it before — karma is a…

So you definitely want her on your side, not against you.

Trust me, I understand that we are facing unprecedented, difficult times.

Many people’s livelihoods have suddenly been changed, thousands of people are out of work, and there have been countless souls that have left us due to a worldwide pandemic.

If you’re not vibrating on your personal highest frequency, it can be difficult to stay positive and stay in integrity because there is just so much in the unknown right now.

But what you must remember is that the unknown can be full of miracles or despair depending on what reality YOU are creating internally.

If you feel that you’re in such a place of lack right now that you are considering taking from someone, manipulating, or tricking those around you, the unknown may not have anything promising for you.

On the other hand, the 7 of Swords card brings forth an emphasis on your mentality.

Swords represent the mind in Tarot, so it’s imperative that you correct your thoughts now.

If you can bring them back to a more positive place, you can create a more positive reality.

Alternatively, you could be the victim of someone else’s betrayal, robbery, or manipulation.

This could be a warning to use your mind to discern who truly has your best interest at heart and who is trying to pull one over on you.

The 7 of Swords encourages you to use it’s sharp blade and cut those people out of your life immediately!

Today’s Affirmation:

“I am the ultimate alchemist. I know that my thoughts create my reality. I use my mind for my highest good. I use my mind to discern who should be allowed in my reality.”

Your Tarot Reading For April 30, 2020 is 4 of Wands

It might just be time for you to throw a party!

When the 4 of Wands card shows up in a reading, it means that bliss is making its way into your life now that you’ve accomplished a long-awaited goal.

After months and months of trial and error, guessing and checking, and collaboration, you’re finally about to reap the benefits of your manifestation!

Wands energy brings forth the fire in us. In this case, this fiery energy burns bright with happiness and feelings of accomplishment.

When you look at the traditional 8 of Swords card, it shows two happy people celebrating with blooming flowers in hand and gorgeous strung wreaths connecting all four wands together.

Your guides chose to depict this image for your reading today because it shows how much joy and satisfaction can come into your life when you stick to your plan long enough to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

In the background, another group of people (perhaps a family) stand in front of a large castle, representing the stability, safety, and comfort of your new foundation.

The Universe is giving you a clear message that if you’re looking for a new home, to renovate your home, or looking to create a home environment with your loved one, you have the greenlight.

The Four of Wands tells you that after a period of rapid growth and expansion (the energy of the Three of Wands), it’s essential that you take a moment to pause and smell the roses.

Look around at what you have achieved so far!

Not only is this gratifying, but you can recall this moment in the future when you’re working towards new goals and want to stay motivated.

Today’s Affirmation:

“Everything that I have worked hard for is paying off. Rest and rejuvenation are still productive. I have the time, space, and opportunity to celebrate my accomplishments and I deserve to enjoy this present moment.”

Your Tarot Reading For April 24, 2020 is Devil – SHADOW in my deck

It’s time to do some inner work!

Today in your tarot spread the traditional Devil card showed up and I’d like to give it more of a modern connotation of Temptation.

If you’ve ever heard of “shadow work,” now is the time to look deeply into yourself and your psyche to bring to light anything separating you from your divine connection to your higher self and the Universe.

And it’s also time to reveal any fears you’ve shoved into the recesses of your mind.

Many of us who know of the Law of Attraction will often do what is called a “spiritual bypass” and avoid anything uncomfortable, negative, or fearful in ourselves.

Are there any fears running around in your unconscious ready to find the light? Are there any habits or behaviors you wish you didn’t have that also need to be released?

Now is the time to take stock of what’s happening behind the scenes in your life and allow yourself to get vulnerable. It’s one of the best ways to heal old pain and disconnection.

Sometimes we pretend all is well when it isn’t. We pretend we aren’t upset or disappointed when we are.

We like to focus on the light, when the dark can also carry messages and keys to our transformation!

You are being called to look at any emotional or negative attachments or behaviors that are not serving you, as well as any limitations you believe about yourself or the world.

If you’ve faced addictions or addictive behaviors, it’s also time to make sure you aren’t using one thing to replace or numb out the feelings from another.

Sometimes using food, work, television, shopping, drama, drinking, sex, or drugs can be a way not to face an unhappy or sad feeling.

You are being called into action right now, and the Universe is letting you know there is light at the end of the tunnel.

It’s time to face your fears and your past to release their hold on you.

Today’s Affirmation:

“I embrace everything I am. I release anything that drains me or is causing me suffering. I connect to the divine and know the Universe is always with me, exactly as I am.”

Your Tarot Reading For April 18, 2020 is Sun

Right now you are shining like the Sun!

The tarot card showing up in your field today is all about success, radiance, and positivity. It is The Sun.

When the Sun shows up it is time for you to step into warmth, light, and fun in your life.

Have you been feeling the need to become more playful? To have an adventure? To reconnect to the joy and wonder you felt as a child?

It’s time. Your inner child is begging to be let out!

The Sun is here to remind you it’s your time to be in the light, and there’s no more light-hearted way of approaching life than as the divine child of the Universe that you are!

Right now you are being shown that no matter what you’ve gone through lately, bliss and prosperity are coming.

You are in a state of renewal, and your success is assured. The Sun is one of the most positive and successful cards in the deck and it’s showing up FOR YOU!

Ask yourself what and where you would like to shine all your divine light because your path is emerging from out of the shadows into this radiant Sun.

When the Sun shows up in a reading, it also means you’ll need to be conscious of who your light is attracting as it is reaching great lengths.

Right now it is OK to be discerning of who you spend your time with and where you give your vast energy.

The qualities of this card are brilliance, illumination, success, joy, happiness, and spiritual light. This is a wonderous time to play and enjoy the fruit of where you’ve been.

Today’s Affirmation:

“I am the divine child of the Universe and its light shines through me, as me. I radiate and vibrate with the very essence of light. This is my moment to shine!”

Your Tarot Reading For April 12, 2020 is Judgement – Truth

It’s time for the truth of who you are to come forward! Can you feel it?

During the times in our lives when we are struggling with self-doubt, it eeks over into every area of our lives.

We start to criticize ourselves no matter what we do.

I’m here to let you know the Judgement card showed up today to let you know it’s time to look at what is true and real in certain aspects of your life.

Which includes outing your inner critic (who is NOT telling you the truth about yourself)!

The Judgement card in a tarot reading is focused not on what is good or bad, right or wrong but asks the question, “what is or is not working for you?” in every situation.

You are being asked to use this time as a wake-up call to ask yourself if you are listening to your intuition and inner knowing.

Where are you fooling yourself or ignoring your own wisdom?

Where might hopefulness or only seeing the potential (but not reality) be getting in your way?

When the Judgement card appears for me I know I’ve been following a path or in a situation potentially based on an illusion of hope.

Sometimes I fall for the potential of a bright, shiny opportunity or the goodness in a new friend that isn’t based in the truth of what’s showing up. Have you ever done that?

We want to believe the highest and best in others, as well as circumstances, but the Judgement card is letting you know there’s an illusion blocking you from your own inner calling!

Today’s Affirmation:
“I am ready to see the truth of what is around me. I let go of any illusions and step further onto my divine path. Knowing the Universe is my truth, I trust and release.“

Your Tarot Reading For April 06, 2020 is Tower – Disruption

When The Tower card shows up in a reading it usually means a disruption is going to take place, but not for you!

This is a sign for you that it’s time to start putting all the pieces of the puzzle together in new and wonderful ways!

Right now, you are being assured you’ve learned from the pieces of life which have felt chaotic, disjointed, and out of place. Your enlightenment is at hand!

The Tower shows us the places in our lives that had been built on a weak or unstable foundation and these are the places needing to be strengthened or recreated.

It’s all about creating a better, more solid foundation with the Tower. And you are about to reap the rewards of your personal transformation!

You’ve done the work, you’ve seen major changes and this is an affirmation that your life is moving forward.

You are being called to choose which area or areas of your life you’re ready to focus on and rebuild into a solid, positive structure that not only supports you but helps guide you forward.

Is it work/career? Relationships with friends or family? Is it how you want to go out into the world?

For me, the Tower card is a reminder that I need to let go of some old limiting patterns or beliefs if I want to be the person I came here to be. And to do that, old thinking won’t serve me.

I get reminded that the things holding me back might need to be shaken to their core so I can let them go. And then I can rebuild brick by brick, intention by intention to reach my best self.

Today’s Affirmation:

“I know the Universe has my back and I lovingly release anything that no longer serves me or my highest good. I use this chance to create a life I love that loves me back. I am free of limited thinking and patterns.”

Your Tarot Reading For March 25, 2020 is World

Congratulations! The world is your oyster right now!

The World card appears in a tarot reading as a sign you have moved to a new, well-deserved level of accomplishment in your journey.

Right now, you are being invited to reflect on your journey so far and acknowledge the lessons and opportunities you experienced on the way.

In fact, you are being told that to move forward you must look at how you got here and consider the pieces that make up the whole (just like the world is made up of multiple continents and bodies of water).

I don’t know if you do this, but sometimes I get so focused on what’s next or what I need to do that I forget to stop and celebrate all the successes I’ve had along the way.

There is always so much to get done that it takes a shift for me to stop and celebrate all I’ve seen and accomplished.

Now is a time for you to stop and smell the roses! A time to enjoy and celebrate!

Most of us have heard the studies on the effects of gratitude… not only is it good for your body, it’s also like a spiritual fast track.

The World shows up in a reading demonstrating there is much for you to be grateful for as this is a significant time of completion, peace, fulfillment, and success. You did it!

It also represents that you’ve turned all the knowledge you’ve gained along the way into truth and wisdom.

The World card is also affirming that all the difficulties, challenges and obstacles you’ve faced along the path have mattered.

They have provided you with the knowledge, wisdom, and lessons to bring you to a time of celebration.

Today’s Affirmation:

“With gratitude I honor the deep wisdom I’ve been given along the path. I honor each lesson, no matter how difficult, for it brought me here. I celebrate this moment and I allow the feeling of gratitude to bathe my cells.”

Your Tarot Reading For March 19, 2020 is Moon

If you’ve been feeling anxious or notice more fear-based thinking showing up for you, it’s time to release it!

The Moon card in tarot represents all we keep hidden, even from ourselves. And in this context what the Moon is asking from you is to bring it to the light to let it go!

Right now we are facing a time of heightened uncertainty and many people around us are acting out of triggers of fear.

Much like the beautiful shining light of the full moon, the Moon card shows us the cycle of light and dark and offers us the opportunity to see beyond the illusions or fears.

Fear of scarcity, fear of what could or might happen, fear of illness, and fear of losing security are topping the list. And it’s time for you to let it out and let go of whatever fears might be triggered in you.

We never do our best when facing challenges or difficulties with a mindset based on what we’re afraid of happening.

It’s time to use your divine connection to move past conscious, or even unconscious fears that might be holding you back.

Your Tarot Reading For March 13, 2020 is The Emperor – Authority

It’s time for others in your circle to hear your wisdom.

Have you been feeling it? Have you felt as if there is something you want to share and it wants to come forth?

You’ve spent many cycles learning and gaining insight and are now being called by The Emperor in your tarot reading to answer the call.

There are many times in our lives when we are students. We are learning. We are growing. We are expanding. We are focused on gaining what we need to know.

Then come the times when it’s important to step forward with our knowledge and become the authority in an area we deeply care about.

What is that area for you? What is the area of study or information you are being asked to step into sharing your expertise?

Now is the time when you are being asked to become a leader or develop the leadership capabilities within yourself by putting your ideas into form, structure, and function.

It might be an article, a plan, an exercise, a system, or some other functional use of your wisdom that can help others along their path.

Your insight and knowledge is a gift that others need.

When The Emperor shows up for me I know it’s now time to use my rational, logical side and get grounded in my perspective.

It’s time to put my ideas into action and create a systemized way of approaching something.

There are cycles for us to tap into our emotional or feeling wisdom and there are times when we are being called to access the grounded, more analytical, or reasoning side of ourselves.

Today’s Affirmation:

“I fully embrace the logical and rational part of myself and ask the Universe to show me the best ways to fulfil a leadership role in my life. I allow myself to ground into the knowledge of all that is and bring forth my wisdom to others.”

Your Tarot Reading For March 07, 2020 is Hierophant

I don’t know about you, but I love all my little rituals because they help me keep myself sane!

From my morning coffee routine, to my exercise habits, to my journaling at night, and doing special moon rituals… these seemingly small routines keep me connected and centered no matter what’s happening around me.

You are being guided to start some of your own special rituals right now, as The Hierophant card is activated in your latest tarot spread!

The best way to create your own practices is to bundle things you want to do with things you need to do.

I bundle my morning workout with informational training videos, watch inspiring clips while making my morning coffee, and clean while listening to podcasts.

That way I don’t have to use as much of my willpower and I start to fall more easily back on my good habits.

Right now you are being asked to create a spiritual ritual or rituals that help you connect into the divine instead of simply waiting for divine inspiration to strike.

Do you feel more connected to the Universe while you’re in nature, in water, in the morning, at night, or around certain moon cycles?

Or are you more connected in a group of like-minded people than alone? Do you like to journal, or draw, or color while listening to soothing music?

Whatever ways you feel more in synchrony with the divine in your life, you’re being called to honor it now.

Today’s Affirmation:

“I am open and ready to connect with the divine and my higher self to find the well of spiritual wisdom within me. I attract the perfect practices and people into my life to help guide my path in this journey. I connect as I create.”

Your Tarot Reading For January 01, 2020 is The Magician

I had a dream last night that I was doing a tarot reading for you! It was such a cool dream…

You were asking me for guidance about your life goals. And I drew a card for you in the dream.

And after I shared the meaning with you, you told me that it was exactly what you needed to hear right now.

Wow! That was weird! I never had a dream like that before!

In the dream, the card I pulled for you is The Magician which indicates that you will be having a new beginning or opportunity present itself in your life very soon

The Magician creates a powerful connection between the material plane and the physical plane as a conduit of manifestation.

Magic is alchemy, which is the transformation of one thing into another. In this case it is the transformation of your goals into reality on the physical plane.

So it’s important for you to be resourceful now and leverage your inner strength to take inspired action to meet your goals.

You are in a time of unlimited potential, but you must take action for that potential to become manifest on the physical plane.

The Universe wants you to know that this is your time.

And if you choose to leverage it, you will be rewarded by seeing your dreams blossom like a beautiful flower before your very eyes.

Make sure you take this opportunity to grab the bull by the horns and make your dreams real, [[firstname]].

Today’s Affirmation:

“I know that I am a powerful alchemist with the ability to create the life I truly want. And I will pay attention to divine messages to lead me toward taking inspired action to making my dreams real.”

Your Tarot Reading For March 01, 2020 is The Empress

This is an exciting time for you!

When The Empress card shows up in a reading, it means any creative blocks you’ve been feeling are releasing and it’s time to enjoy the beauty and abundance around you.

You are being freed up to access your own inner power!

By allowing the Universe to help you clear these blocks, it means you are going to better access not just your intuition, but also new and innovative means of bringing in your divinely-assured abundance!

The Empress is here to help you tap into your own divine feminine side and look for opportunities to share, collaborate, and use your nurturing talents to support yourself and make a difference in the world.

Instead of looking to anyone else to help you realize your prosperity, The Empress is a call for you to stand strongly on your own two feet.

Collaboration is a way of combining your gifts and talents with others, and releasing any ideas of you depending on them to ‘save’ or rescue you..

To know if someone else is a good fit for collaboration check into your feelings. Do they energize or drain you? Do they make you feel good or not?

In the past when I’ve been expecting abundance outside of myself, whether it’s a new opportunity, project, or someone bestowing gifts, The Empress shows up as a reminder I am my own power.

Today’s Affirmation:

“I release anything or anyone blocking me from knowing my true power is within. I allow myself to see and know the beauty in the world around me, and inside of me. I bring in all the abundant resources the Universe is now offering to me. “

Your Tarot Reading For February 24, 2020 is Star – Light

It is time for you to be in the light! Can you feel it?

The Star card showed up in my reading for you today, and with it comes a sense of knowing you are truly blessed by the Universe.

It’s time to renew your hope and faith in not only yourself, but in the world around you!

Whenever I see the Star in a reading, I know someone is stepping into a peaceful, pleasant phase in their lives where they get to find that sense of divine connection, meaning, and inspiration again!

What a glorious time for you to allow your heart to open and find a sense of joy again.

This is a time of significant self-development and growth which will allow you to SHINE like the light you are!

What’s interesting about the Star is there’s nothing to do, nowhere to go, and nothing to handle.

This card is all about letting the inner you (your hopes, your dreams, and your soul) receive the blessings the Universe is ready to show you!

You’ve earned this by shifting into the highest version of yourself and renewing your energy.

This time is about you living your authentic truth and nature. Stay open to interesting new ways of shining your light or sharing your true self.

Others will be incredibly receptive and inspired by you and how calm you are. Your sense of deep knowing and awareness will allow you to see through situations and circumstances with clarity and ease.

Enjoy this time of blessings, and allow yourself to relax into your dreams or daydreams with full faith in them coming to fruition!

Today’s Affirmation:

“I will use this time to share my gifts with the world, shining my light as a source of illumination and inspiration to others. And I trust that my path is unfolding with ease and grace.”

Your Tarot Reading For February 18, 2020 is Temperance – Patience

Have you felt recently like it might be time for a detox? Or balancing?

Doing a tarot read on your energy, the Temperance card came out front and center and it’s usually a sign you might be out of balance in one or more areas.

Does that resonate with you? If so, the Temperance card asks you to take the middle path at this time.

And if you’ve been overindulging in any area (overeating, drinking, spending, or too much time in negative mindsets), it’s a reminder that it’s time to gently come back to your divine center.

Temperance helps you remember to stay calm and balanced, even in the face of stressful situations or people. It’s not the time to overdo, take a stand, or go to extremes.

Now the focus needs to be on bringing more patience, balance, and stabilization to your life, and allow the force of life to move through you.

There is a gentle alchemy to ease and allowance which helps to guide you forward toward your long-term vision.

To be best able to invite in the energy of Temperance, take an honest look at where you’ve been impatient, overdoing, numbing out with anything that doesn’t serve you, or where your life just feels out of whack.

Find ways to take time for healing yourself and getting yourself back to balance, whether that means detoxing from what doesn’t serve you or not engaging in controversy, high stress situations, or negative perspectives.

Temperance is all about you being the peacekeeper right now, and that means starting with peace within you.

Today’s Affirmation:

“I remain open to the Universe’s guidance on how to bring more balance and peace into my life. And I trust that I will be guided to solutions to avoid or remove people, things, or situations from my life that are stressing me out.”

Your Tarot Reading For February 12, 2020 is The Hanged Man

When I was thinking about you today and shuffling the cards The Hanged Man went flying out of the deck and across the room!

When The Hanged Man shows up in a reading, it’s a sign to look at things with a new perspective as he’s hanging upside down in a tree with what appears to be a serene look on his face. More like a ‘hanging man’.

Just like a child might hang upside down from the branch of a tree, The Hanged Man is letting you know it’s time to take a pause in your life.

His message for you is not to push forward right now, but pull back and allow the opportunity to surrender into breathing space.

His message is clear: you will meet with challenges and obstacles if you attempt to keep driving through the energy right now.

Many times we believe we must soldier on and push through things, and The Hanged Man is asking you to take a hiatus and put the brakes on for yourself, or the Universe will provide you the much needed ‘time-out’ for you.

What you’ll learn now is exactly what you’ll need to succeed going forward.

Now is the time to let go of old outdated patterns or behaviors which aren’t serving your highest good and spend some time in nature.

To assist the divine energy, look where you might be feeling stuck or held back in your life right now. Or where do you feel you might be holding yourself back?

Open your awareness to new ways of looking at things as you take a much needed break to come back to your center.

Today’s Affirmation:

“I will be patient and trust in divine timing for all things in my life. I will let go of attachment to specific timeframes or timelines for things to unfold in my life and allow the Universe to guide the timing instead.”