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When it comes to love, everyone wants something that’s much deeper than surface level and profoundly passionate.

A love story that’s for the books…

Well, now that Venus has moved into Scorpio, you might find yourself obsessing over your partner or just possibly obsessing over finally getting into a relationship that defies all superficial norms.

We’re talking about love like no other!

Are you ready to let your heart lead like never before?

Astrological Energy Shift: Venus in Scorpio November 21, 2020 -December 15, 2020

Maybe I’m just a hopeless romantic, but I personally love when Venus enters the deeply emotional sign of Scorpio.

Even if you don’t cry during every romantic movie like I do, I believe that even you can appreciate the “all-or-nothing” energy that’s presented when Venus transits into this water sign.

If you’ve been dating aimlessly or just for entertainment, you might feel a strong urge to cut all of the mundane chit-chat out.

Right now is the time to get to know your partner on the most intimate levels physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

For single people, this can be scary because in order to expect this level of intimacy from friends, family, and/or potential partners, you have to be just as vulnerable.

If you do decide to dive in head first to the darkest, most hidden areas of your partner’s psyche though, you’ll build a bond like never before.

Committed partnerships could be challenged if one partner isn’t willing to continue growing the relationship through this deeply transformational period.

Scorpion energy is very powerful and will bring up any lingering issues that need to be addressed before the union can continue to flourish.

Maximize This Energy

The best advice that I can give you when it comes to this Venus in Scorpio energy until December is to lead with both the truth and your heart.

No — that’s not impossible!

You can speak your truth while still holding compassion and empathy for your loved ones in the way that you choose to express it.

Ultimately, being completely transparent is valued highly when planets transit through Scorpio.

This level of vulnerability will prove to be not only respectable but also help you grow closer to the people in your life when you see that no matter what, those people accept you and your intimate truth.

Go Deeper

I just adore looking into birth charts to see where someone’s innate attraction lies. You can find these energies explained in your natal birth chart as well.

If you express yourself through masculine energy that’s attracted to feminine energy, you can find where Venus falls in your chart.

If you express yourself through feminine energy that’s attracted to masculine energy, you can find where Mars falls in your chart.

If you express yourself through a certain type of energy and are attracted to the same type of energy, follow the same pattern.

This can reveal the type of partner that is ideal for you — the one that will give you that “butterfly” feeling!

Today’s Affirmation:

“The relationships that I have in my life are important to me. I am comfortable being vulnerable with the people I choose to spend my time, space, and energy with.”

HOROSCOPE FORECAST: Your Horoscope Forecast For November 15, 2020 Is Ready

Don’t you just love when you feel totally and completely in harmony with the Universe?

Tonight marks a special night — a New Moon in Scorpio — that brings together the energies of Jupiter, Neptune, Pluto, and of course the Moon with an emphasis on the positive aspects of Scorpio energy.

Astrological Energy Shift: New Moon in Scorpio

Far too many times Scorpios get a bad wrap for being “negative” or “too intense.”

However, there are plenty of positive aspects of Scorpio energy that I’m happy to share with you — especially on this unique night.

When a New Moon is present, there are so many magical possibilities.

The Moon represents your emotions and all of those things that love to stay hidden in the subconscious — you know… that same place that Scorpio loves to dive deep into.

When the New Moon falls in Scorpio, you have the opportunity to manifest the deepest of transformations this night.

Scorpio is represented by not just the scorpion, but some astrologers also relate it to the phoenix.

The phoenix tells the tale of rebirth as it literally bursts into flames and then is born again.

In its highest vibration, Scorpio is very influential, powerful, and highly creative — the ultimate manifestor!

This New Moon will combine the abundant energy of Jupiter, the compassionate energy of Neptune, and the transformational energy of Pluto all in one night.

Tonight is the night to truly ask yourself these two questions:

What goals really move me emotionally and spiritually?

What do I need to do to get there?

The cosmic cocktail of energies being presented right now are all in your favor!

Maximize This Energy

If there was any sign that could be a private investigator or detective, it would definitely be Scorpio.

I mean, they get to the bottom of things no matter what. Not to mention, this sign is highly intuitive!

I say all of this to say that the worst person that you can lie to is yourself.

In order to make the most out of this profound New Moon, you must be honest with yourself and what you truly want to manifest.

Clarity is the only language that the Universe understands! Until you can be clear with yourself and what you desire (Scorpio keyword desire), you will continue to manifest situations and circumstances that will help you gain more clarity.

Go Deeper

I can’t express how excited I am for you to revel in the strong current of positive universal energies tonight. There are so many possibilities at your fingertips!

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to your manifestations, I would suggest finding where your natal Pluto placement is in your chart.

This can help you to understand where the biggest transformations will take place in this lifetime.

Today’s Affirmation:

“I no longer engage in self-destructive behaviors. Everything that I do is for my highest good. Each day I am progressing towards my goals.”

HOROSCOPE FORECAST: Your Horoscope Forecast For November 13, 2020 Is Ready

Have you felt that surge of energy pick up today?

After so many slow-moving months, Mars has finally ended it’s Retrograde cycle in Aries!

This means the planet that fuels your passion and aggression towards projects is now moving in a forward direction, propelling your ideas forward with actionable masculine energy.

Astrological Energy Shift: Mars Turns Direct in Aries

As comical as this sounds, it seems like the year 2020 has been one big Retrograde.

Literally, Mercury has had three different retrograde cycles while all of the other planets (Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) have had one each.

When you think about it, that makes complete sense as Retrogrades serve as major catalysts when it comes to learning lessons.

2020 has been a very transformational year on so many different levels.

Every single cycle has served (and will serve) a purpose.

Mars Retrograde in Aries has tried to push you out of our comfort zones by exploring different ways that you can work smarter not harder.

The overall energy that you normally had when Mars is moving in forward motion slowed down tons, causing you to rely on your connections, systems, and partnership to move forward with your ideas.

Now that you’ve learned the value of collaboration, Mars moving forward in it’s home of Aries will help maximize your individual efforts.

Everything is about to pick up pace, [[firstname]]!

Maximize This Energy

If there’s one question that you should be able to answer now that Mars has turned direct, it’s what are you truly passionate about?

During the past several months, it has been difficult for people to move forward with any “mundane” tasks in life because there simply wasn’t enough energy to tackle them.

If you didn’t really want to do something, it was hard to even get out of bed.

The projects and ideas that you were able to move forward with should be paid attention to — they’re serving a higher purpose.

You actually showed passion and drive even when Mars was taking its own break.

Snowball off this energy and keep it moving, [[firstname]]!

Go Deeper

Where is Mars positioned in your natal birth chart, [[firstname]]?

Finding this information (especially the house that it’s in or any neighboring planets) can help you understand where your natural inferno of passion lies.

Capitalize on this knowledge now!

Today’s Affirmation:

“I am clear about what my purpose is. I respect my need for rest and collaborate and delegate when needed. I am confident moving forward with my plans.”

HOROSCOPE FORECAST: Your Horoscope Forecast For November 10, 2020 Is Ready

It’s only right that we maintain a strong line of communication with all of these Mercury transits, right?

Yes, I’m back with another update on Mercury… this time it’s moved into deep-diving Scorpio.

Just thank your lucky stars that it’s not in retrograde this time around — I know I am!

Astrological Energy Shift: Mercury Transits Into Scorpio November 10, 2020 – December 1, 2020

Just last week I was sharing with you the magic rhythms of the Universe. When you truly pay attention, you can spot an intimate dance between the planet’s movements, our collective energy, and our individual energetic bodies.

The Universe is always presenting very meticulous, well-planned (if you ask me) energetic patterns that push you to learn new lessons and also practice what you’ve learned.

Not too long ago, you experienced the intense energy of Mercury going Retrograde in Scorpio and those emotionally-related challenges.

Now that Mercury is transiting forward, the energy is also moving forward propelling your thinking and communication forward using the lessons you’ve learned during the last retrograde season.

This next month will still be full of emotional waves, especially the ones that pull you deeply under the surface — but what do you expect when Scorpio energy is present?

Prepare yourself to have transformational conversations and thoughts that could catapult you into a whole different direction by the end of this calendar year.

Maximize This Energy

If you have a Scorpio friend or family member, you know that they can get a “bad rap” for being inherently “negative.”

The truth is that Scorpio energy just knows that everything isn’t always as it seems and they are willing to dive into the depths of anything and everything to discover the truth.

To make the most out of this month’s cross between Pluto and Mercury energy, try to find the true motivations behind things.

Why are you doing what you’re doing?

Do the people around you have ulterior motives?

Who has truly proven that you can trust them?

Although these seem like brooding questions, they are very important to have the answers to. You’ll be able to get to the bottom of things now — use this inspecting energy to your advantage!

Go Deeper

Did you know that Scorpio’s traditional planetary ruler was Mars, but it’s modern ruler is Pluto?

By finding the Pluto placement in your birth chart, you can find where the deepest transformations will take place in your life.

While you have your natal chart pulled up, also trace where Mercury is placed to see where you have the most power when it comes to your thinking and communication.

Today’s Affirmation:

“I trust my intuition over my mind. I trust my gut feeling over other people’s opinions. I am confident in my discernment and decision making.”

HOROSCOPE FORECAST: Your Horoscope Forecast For November 03, 2020 Is Ready

I just wanted to quickly congratulate you on making it through yet another Mercury Retrograde!

Yes, the wait is over…

Now, we can get back to expressing ourselves confidently and clearing the fogginess from our minds now that Mercury has gone direct in Libra.

Astrological Energy Shift: Mercury Turns Direct in Libra November 3, 2020


If there’s any day to take a deep breath and relax, today is the day. Mercury has now gone direct in the friendly sign of Libra.

The best part?

You won’t have to worry about another Mercury Retrograde until January of 2021! Yay!

This is the perfect time to reflect on all of the lessons that this last cycle has tried to teach you.

Since Mercury started it’s retrograde cycle in Scorpio, it began extremely emotionally charged, pushing you to feel through any communication issues.

Scorpio’s energy also pushed you to trust the way that you feel as emotions are just another tool for you to use.

Remember — when something feels right, it is. When something feels off, it is!

Mercury then continued “cycling” backwards during its retrograde season into Libra, which challenged you to find balance between communicating with others and also recognizing what you need individually.

Now that Mercury is direct in Libra, the Universe is presenting you another “test” to see if you’ve actually learned these lessons.

This time around, social networking and relationship building will be easier because you’ve learned the skill of setting boundaries to find that intricate balance in your life.

Maximize This Energy

Cosmic energy moves in a rhythmic way that presents challenges, lessons to learn, and situations to practice what you’ve learned.

It’s a never-ending cycle to help you evolve into your highest self — the “you” that can handle any situation presented to you calmly and level-headed.

Make the most out of this direct Mercury in Libra energy by actually being social. Use this flowing charisma to your advantage and make connections while you can.

Go Deeper

You can evaluate two different aspects of your natal chart to interpret how the energy may affect you at this point in the year.

First is by finding where Mercury falls in your birth chart. This will highlight where your communication and thinking will most likely be affected.

Also look at what planets and energies are present in your 7th house (the house that represents relationships, business, and contracts).

Studying these two aspects of your chart can reveal a lot about what you can expect to experience in these next upcoming months.

Today’s Affirmation:

“I only come in contact with people that are aligned with my highest good. I trust my intuition to lead me in the right direction. I respect myself enough to uphold the boundaries I’ve put in place.”

HOROSCOPE FORECAST: Your Horoscope Forecast For October 31, 2020 Is Ready

I just have two quick questions for you:

What did you manifest during the New Moon in Libra on October 16th?

What are you ready to release with tonight’s Full Moon in Taurus?

Astrological Energy Shift: Full Moon in Taurus October 31, 2020

It’s super important to pay attention to the Moon’s cycles.


Well, the moon represents our emotional world and our subconscious. Even when we really don’t pay attention to the Moon, it’s always there.

When the Moon is full in the sign of Taurus, that means it’s directly opposite of the Sun in Scorpio, presenting opposing energies.

As you know, we live in a dual Universe, so this presents the perfect opportunity to find balance this Scorpio season by releasing all things Taurus-related.

These energies may be romantically charged as Taurus is ruled by Venus (the planet of love and abundance).

Basically, the cosmos are presenting an opportunity to find a balance between the earthly, practical energies or Taurus and your emotional needs and desires that Scorpio presents.

This is a very passion-fueled Full Moon which can bring about so many magical possibilities!

Intimacy matters more than anything tonight, so your personal comfort levels may be lifted to explore new territories of the mind, body, and heart tonight.

Don’t shy away from these energies! You may feel a strong urge–or need–to break free from old patterns in our relationships. This can be exciting, but sometimes scary.

Remember, everything happens for a reason.

Evolve or let it go with this Full Moon!

Maximize This Energy

The best way for me to remember how to use Full Moon energies is to recall what the Moon physically looks like during this cycle.

Astrology is real! This means that you can literally look up and see proof of what we are experiencing.

As the Moon illuminates the dark night sky, the Full Moon will highlight what is ready to be released tonight.

Go Deeper

Do you know where Taurus falls in your birth chart?

Even if Taurus isn’t one of your “big three” signs or your Sun, Moon, or Ascendant sign, doesn’t mean that you lack any Venusian Taurus energy.

Everyone has Taurus in their chart — even you!

Find where Taurus falls and pay attention to the house that it’s under. This will help identify the area of life that this Full Moon could be shining it’s helpful light upon for your benefit.

Today’s Affirmation:

“I have everything I need right now at this moment. My emotional needs are met. My financial needs are met. I have everything I need to satisfy my material and monetary goals.”

HOROSCOPE FORECAST: Your Horoscope Forecast For October 27, 2020 Is Ready

How many times has Mercury retrograde crashed your wifi this month?

Hopefully, you’ve been having a much easier time with Mercury Retrograde than most — if not, it might get a little easier as Mercury transits into Libra.

The intensity might just lift a little as Mercury moves into much more charismatic cosmic energy.

Astrological Energy Shift: Mercury in Libra from October 27, 2020 – November 10, 2020

If no one has checked in with you since Mercury went into Retrograde in Scorpio, I’m here for you. I know how intense it’s been — just remember that it’s all for your highest good!

As Mercury shifts into Libra, our communication and thinking becomes considerably more friendly and thoughtful when it comes to others.

Just previously, you’ve been challenged to dive deeper and become more introspective.

However, when Mercury retrogrades in the sign of Libra, you have a chance to reassess your conversational skills.

You’ll be presented with “tests” or “challenges” that will help you refine your ability to fairly negotiate, especially when it comes to finding balance with work and relationships.

This is the time to truly practice all of the lessons that you’ve learned thus far!

Although Libra’s balancing scales can make you much more indecisive, try to integrate the lessons that Mercury in Scorpio just taught you — trust your innermost knowing.

If you’re not ready to make a decision, trust your emotions to guide you in the right direction.

When something feels right — it is. When something feels off — it is!

Maximize This Energy

Retrogrades are the best times of the astrological year to really practice the things you’ve learned.

The Universe has a rhyme and a reason for everything.

It’s no coincidence that Mercury in Libra is happening right after Mercury was just in Scorpio — and no, it’s not just the order of the signs.

The reason behind this shift is to truly check if you’ve learned those valuable lessons. Here’s a hint for recognizing if you have or not — you must feel through them.

Retrogrades push people to new levels in life and this Mercury retrograde is no different for you!

Go Deeper

One of my favorite things to do is study my own individual birth chart — and you should get to know your own intimately, too!

However, if you’re learning how to communicate and negotiate with others, it can be helpful to see their Mercury placement as well.

If you would like to get to know the easiest way to talk to someone (or communicate in a way that they are open to understanding), you can look up where Mercury falls in their chart.

Today’s Affirmation:

“I speak with confidence when it’s time for me to make a decision. I consider others’ opinions and hold space for them while still respecting my own boundaries.”

HOROSCOPE FORECAST: Your Horoscope Forecast For October 22, 2020 Is Ready

I’m not just reaching out to you to celebrate the upcoming holidays, I wanted to also celebrate the latest cosmic transit taking place — the Sun shifting into Scorpio!

Get ready… the energy is about to get intense.

Astrological Energy Shift: Sun in Scorpio October 22, 2020 – November 21, 2020

Did you know that Scorpio season marks the beginning of truly going for what you desire?

Many people think that the tail end of the calendar year (months October, November, and December) mark the end of the year, but astrologically, you’ve just passed the halfway point of the cosmic year at Virgo season.

Technically, you will still experience the energies of Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces before the “astro” year is up.

Since Scorpio represents our deepest psychological, sexual, and innermost desires, you’ll be witnessing those emerge from your mind’s depths.

Ask yourself, what have you discovered that you want this year so far?

If you take the “Scorpion approach” to this question — by being intensely honest with yourself — you will come face to face with your sincere truth.

Since Scorpio is a water sign, your emotions will guide you towards the genuine answers you’re seeking. The more that you try to avoid feeling things, the longer it will take to arrive at your destination.

Be true to yourself and others.

Maximize This Energy

Anytime the Sun shifts into another zodiac sign, the entire collective can feel the same energy in their auric, energetic bodies.

For instance, you might be feeling much more introspective and secretive about your emotions, even though you might be feeling a lot at the moment.

With Scorpio present, you will most likely go through an innertransfomation that’s led by your emotional world.

If it begins to feel overwhelming, try to tap into energies from Scorpio’s balancing opposite (Taurus), like self-care activities and treating yourself to a nourishing meal.

Go Deeper

Have you found out where Scorpio is in your unique birth chart?

It might be helpful to understand the setting that this energy could take place during this season. This placement will highlight where your life may experience profound transformations.

Like a snake, your old skin must be shed in this area of life. Don’t resist these changes — they are for your highest good!

Today’s Affirmation:

“I am open to the changes taking place in my life. Whatever leaves at this time is making room for better experiences in my life. I trust that I am in the right place at the right time.”

HOROSCOPE FORECAST: Your Horoscope Forecast For October 16, 2020 Is Ready

Many of my friends and family have been trying to balance their lives mainly by finding time for themselves while still making time for others.

Have you been feeling the need to find this balance?

If so, it’s probably because there’s a New Moon in Libra tonight!

Astrological Energy Shift: New Moon in Libra October 16, 2020

I know it seems like I just informed you a few days ago about how Mercury is retrograding in Scorpio’s intense energy, but I also have to tell you about this magical New Moon in Libra!

With the emotionally-charged retrogrades that you’ve been experiencing from Mars Rx in Aries to Mercury Rx in Scorpio right now, finding balance between time for yourself and others will be the key to “surviving” these shifts.

One of the most profound lessons that I’ve learned in this lifetime is that emotions are nothing more than energy that is in motion.

They are very important to acknowledge and feel through them in order to learn the lessons that you’re meant to master.

Sometimes it can be difficult to do so if you’re surrounded by other people and their energy.

This is especially true if you’re empathic. It’s almost like osmosis, where you’ve got to find time to separate other people’s energy from yours.

This New Moon in Libra gives you the opportunity to set boundaries by speaking your truth (using the Mercury retrograde in Scorpio energy) and recognizing the people in your life as partners rather than competition (also calling on the Mars retrograde in Aries energy to work smarter not harder).

Maximize This Energy

New Moons are always special, because you can truly feel the world at your fingertips.

The Universe is reminding you that you have the power to manifest anything that you truly want in this lifetime with a little focused intention.

This is the time to get clear on what you expect from your relationships with others (and with yourself)!

Right now more than ever, you can manifest connections that are truly beneficial on a professional level while still respecting your boundaries and need for personal space.

Go Deeper

Do you know where Libra falls in your unique birth chart?

Discovering the house that Liba rules in your individual natal chart can highlight where this New Moon may be focusing its energy tonight.

This is the perfect time to do some journaling or scripting, really molding the future connections you wish to have. You might be surprised by who you meet just a few days later!

Today’s Affirmation:

“I am connected with my intuition. I can set boundaries that give me time to genuinely process emotions by myself while still holding space for others.”

HOROSCOPE FORECAST: Your Horoscope Forecast For October 13, 2020 Is Ready

Have you been feeling a little nervous lately?

Many people do when Mercury enters it’s retrograde season.

I’m here to reassure you that there’s nothing to fear now because Mercury is Retrograding in Scorpio — meaning this will be one of the most direct retrogrades of the year!

Astrological Energy Shift: Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio October 13, 2020 – November 3, 2020

The last Mercury shift you experienced was Mercury in Libra, which probably expanded your social and professional networking circles.

Now that Mercury has transited to Scorpio, the mundane small talk that usually starts building connections is no longer enough to satisfy your probing mind.

Anytime Mercury’s energy is present, it’s stimulating the mind from the way thought forms come to you all the way to how you choose to express them.

This is especially true during a retrograde period as the “challenges” you may face will help you reassess the way you speak and process information.

This season will alter your perspective on the world around you, from people to projects you’ve been invested in.

When Mercury’s cosmic energy intertwines with Scorpio’s intensity, you’ll be able to get down to the truth.

It’s important for you to know that discovering the truth doesn’t have to be tumultuous.

In fact, the Universe is pushing you and everyone around you to have authentic conversations about why you have crossed one another’s paths.

The next month is great for forming profound connections that can last a lifetime. If anything, Scorpio’s transformational energy can bring deep emotional clarity.

Pay attention to the conversations that you have this month!

Maximize This Energy

I’m here to help you understand this delicate universal cocktail of energies so that you can make the most of this time.

Just a few weeks ago, Mars went retrograde in Aries and will be there until the end of the year.

Remember, people’s aggression is boiling inside almost like a pressure cooker while Mars is retrograding.

To make the most out of this energy without causing any problems with your new friends, family members, and professional connections, watch the way that you speak and choose your words wisely.

If others are asking you questions that make you uncomfortable, try reaching for clarity by being curious rather than defensive.

Trust me, this can save a lot of bickering during this Mercury transit!

Go Deeper

Find where Mercury is transiting in your individual natal chart. Uncovering the house that Mercury is in will explain the “life setting” that you may feel this transit the most.

For instance, if Mercury is transiting your first house, you might gain emotional clarity about yourself and your individual ambitions. But if it’s in the seventh house (the opposite), you might gain emotional clarity about relationships.

Today’s Affirmation:

“I will speak my truth while still holding compassion and understanding for others. I will open my eyes and ears to be receptive to the information that others are sharing with me. I am secure in myself.”

HOROSCOPE FORECAST: Your Horoscope Forecast For September 05, 2020 Is Ready

There’s no doubt in my mind that Mercury’s cosmic shift into Libra will be connecting you with your soul family today. This energy is much more inviting — charisma is in the air!

Astrological Energy Shift: Mercury in Libra September 5 – September 27, 2020

In a time where distancing yourself from others could be life or death, developing a social life is the last thing on many people’s minds.

However, I want to encourage you to share your ideas with others. This is the best way to manage this bubbly energy!

The ruling planet of thinking and communication will be in the friendly sign of Libra, so it’s imperative that you don’t shy away from sharing on social media.

Allow yourself to build those intimate connections and even explore more permanent relationships like business contracts to flow with this cosmic energy.

Astrologically, the universe is giving the collective a break from our introspective lives.

Just as you’re experiencing this energy individually, so are others and this is the perfect recipe to develop those networks when you really need them the most.

Believe me, people want to connect with you just as much as you’re looking forward to connecting with them.

And don’t forget that Libra is ruled by sensual, loving Venus.

Who knows? You might even spark a stimulating conversation with a new romantic connection!

I consider you a close member of my soul family, so it’s important for me to remind you that Libras favor balance.

And this will be especially important for you, because there’s a fine balance between the cardinal energy Libra presents and not letting other people’s opinions weigh too much on your individual plans.

To honor a sign’s balance, refer to their sister sign. In this case, holding true to Aries individualistic independent energy can help ground you if other people’s thoughts on your ventures feels too overwhelming.

Maximize This Energy

Mercury in Libra isn’t the only shift that’s taking place up in the cosmos.

It’s always important to combine this cosmic energy shift with the energy that’s being presented by where the Sun (our primary energy source) is stationed, which is in Virgo!

Virgo, otherwise known as the Maiden or the Virgin, values purity and purpose. Virgo season will not let you dedicate your time or energy to anything that doesn’t serve a larger intentional goal. So if you have a new idea right now, it’s divinely timed!

Your ideas are special and should be treated as such!

Go Deeper

Find where Mercury is transiting in your chart during this shift. You’ll see what area of life your communication and thought processes will be affected by the house it’s traveling through.

Overall, you’re more inclined to be diplomatic, fair, and improve your negotiation skills by seeing other people’s ideas as just as valuable as your own.

Before meeting with someone new (especially concerning business), meditate on what you would like the other person to take away from their conversation with you.

You’ll be surprised at how setting those simple intentions during this period can improve your relationships for months (and years) to come.

Today’s Affirmation:

“I will keep my energy balanced so I can connect to those in my soul tribe while also honoring the strength of my own ideas. And I will create balanced fair solutions for everyone involved.”

HOROSCOPE FORECAST: Your Horoscope Forecast For October 06, 2020 Is Ready

Honestly…you are probably going to be so excited to hear this: PLUTO IS FINALLY DIRECT IN CAPRICORN!

No seriously — this retrograde season has been so intense, deeply transformational, and revealing. Although totally necessary, the energy was heavy.

But you made it through!

Astrological Energy Shift: Pluto Turns Direct in Capricorn

Pluto now turns direct at 22° Capricorn after almost six months of retrograde motion (since April 25, 2020). Pluto is one of the smallest physical planetary influences, but it’s impact is massive.

As the planet of deep transformation and “death” and rebirth, Pluto doesn’t play around!

These past 4-5 months of retrograde energy has called the collective to reassess all things Capricorn-related (career, the patriarchy, emphasis on masculine energy, structures within society, etc.).

On a collective level, you can see how much Pluto has been at work since our entire world has shifted with the influence of the pandemic.

Now that it is direct in Capricorn, you have a chance to turn all of that introspective, deeply transformational work that you’ve been doing outward.

If you’ve taken the leap into entrepreneurship, innovation, or have been working to create your own lane outside of “society’s norm,” the universe is finally going to send many rewards your way!

Basically, Pluto was trying to highlight that the “typical” way of doing things obviously hasn’t been working for us on a collective and individual level.

It gave us an opportunity to change these different facets about our life by highlighting the not-so-pretty parts so that we could take accountability and instill real change.

If you’ve done the work, get ready to reap the benefits!

Maximize This Energy

What are your deepest desires?

Have you ever really sat down to write them out?

Be honest with yourself. And be true to yourself even if you don’t think that your wishes aren’t “socially acceptable.”

At the end of the day, Pluto wants you to live for you.

What do you truly want?

What does your soul crave?

To make the most out of the forward-moving powerful Pluto energy, it’s important to be honest with yourself.

And if you see an opportunity to start moving towards your innermost valuable goals or wishes, do it!

Go Deeper

Now find where Pluto is transiting in your chart during this shift. You’ll see what area of life you’ll experience the most transformation in this lifetime.

Also, it wouldn’t hurt to take a look at where your natal Capricorn energy falls. The house that Capricorn is in will highlight where you might be the most successful career wise.

Combine that with hints about your Midheaven (or public perception) and you’ll be able to create a seamless flow between being well-received and utilizing your skills!

We live in powerful times. Make the most of them!

Today’s Affirmation:

“I will utilize the energy of Pluto finally moving forward in Capricorn to move my goals forward toward my greatest desires and reap the rewards of all the deep inner work I’ve been doing. It is finally time to share my work with the world and receive the abundant blessings that flow from this.”

HOROSCOPE FORECAST: Your Horoscope Forecast For October 02, 2020 Is Ready

Libra season has had us all flying around being a bunch of social butterflies, but have you had any one on one time with your loved ones?

If not, today would be a good day to ask your closest friends, family, or partner what you can do for them. Venus in Virgo asks you to be of service!

Astrological Energy Shift: Venus in Virgo October 2, 2020 – October 27, 2020

When an Earth sign and Venus meet, the energy can seem to clash (unless Taurus energy is present, of course).

Earth signs are known for being extremely practical, focused on the physical and material world, and they like stability.

Venus, on the other hand, is much more feminine, free-flowing, and urges anyone who comes into contact with it to tango with their emotions.

While Taurus has the planetary ruler Venus which can make it a lot easier to attract love and abundance into your life, Virgo is ruled by Mercury, a very mentally stimulating sign.

However, if we’re speaking in practical terms, Virgo is more than capable of showing love and affection.

When Venus enters the sign of Virgo, the idea of love becomes very realistic and matter of fact.

While you may normally like to show your loved ones how much you care with grand gestures, Virgo will urge you to think about what they may need rather than what they may want.

Are you familiar with the five love languages?

One of them is acts of service, or doing something that will relieve the stress of the people closest to you. A little extra thoughtfulness here can go a long way!

Maximize This Energy

Now that the Sun is in Libra, everyone is making meaningful connections with people around them.

This is especially true since Saturn went direct in Capricorn just a few days ago. The cosmic energy is picking up surrounding everyone’s work, career, and social life.

Something that’s very practical to do for someone you care about is to contribute towards their passion projects and/or work life.

Everyone has goals. Who better to know what your family, friends, or partner needs than you?

By simply taking a moment to think about how you can be of service in this way, you could really help catapult the people closest to you in a positive direction!

Go Deeper

Have you ever looked at your natal Venus placement in your birth chart? What about your significant other’s Venus placement?

By taking a moment to see which house both of your natal Venus placement are in as well as the planets that may be close by, you can get a better feel for how you and your partner naturally approach love from giving to receiving it.

As pragmatic as Venus in Virgo tries to be, you still have a big chance to show how romantic you can be!

Today’s Affirmation:

“I will utilize the energy of Venus in Virgo to think deeply about how I can show love in service to others and in a way that is meaningful to them. And I will see what practical things I can do to express love for myself as well.”

HOROSCOPE FORECAST: Your Horoscope Forecast For October 01, 2020 Is Ready

I hope this message reaches you in a moment of solitude. It’s important (especially now) that you actually take time for yourself and enjoy the information that I’m going to share with you.

With Full Moon in Aries energy present, solo time is a must!

Astrological Energy Shift: Full Moon in Aries

It’s been a while, but I remember talking with you about our last major Moon cycle (the New Moon in Virgo) just a couple of weeks ago.

Just as it’s important to pay attention to how the Moon presents itself during the New Moon Cycle, it’s just as important with the Full Moon cycle.

Full Moons illuminate the starry night sky, symbolizing the “highlighted” areas of life that may be ready to be let go of.

Contrary to manifesting with New Moon energy, Full Moons call you to release anything that’s no longer serving you. In this case, recall how this Full Moon comes about.

Since Libra season started September 22, 2020, today is the first night where the Moon is directly opposite from the Sun in Libra’s sister sign, Aries.

This means that in order to know what to release, you must find balance between the qualities of each sign.

The Aries-Libra axis is astrologically related to relationships. While Aries is fiercely independent and individualistic, Libra is heavily focused on relationships, friendships, and business contracts.
While the Sun is in Libra, you might find yourself catering towards others just a little too much.

This Full Moon will help you harmonize your extroversion with others and introversion with self.

Maximize This Energy

Let’s also consider the planetary ruler of Aries (Mars). Mars is fiery and rules aggression.

When channeled the right way, it can be extremely useful. However, when it’s demands are ignored, it can cause a lot of conflict.

This Full Moon in Aries will highlight the “conflict” between the ideas of self and others, or between autonomy and sharing.

It’s time to express the emotions that we may feel towards others (in a healthy way) and also feel through our emotions to ourselves.

Again, Full Moons are the perfect time to practice release, so please don’t suppress anything!

Go Deeper

Everyone has a lunar natal placement, but this Full Moon in Aries will especially affect you if your Moon sign is cardinal (Aries, Cancer, Libra, or Capricorn).

With Mars primal energy flowing, you’ll feel more inclined to “start” things on an emotional level — just mind the things that you choose to “start,”.

Choosing to start a conversation is much better than choosing to start an argument!

Today’s Affirmation:

“I will leverage the energy of the Full Moon in Aries to let go of what no longer serves me on my path, especially regarding passion and relationships. And I will receive divine guidance on creating balance in my relationships between honoring my needs and the needs of others.”

HOROSCOPE FORECAST: Your Horoscope Forecast For September 29, 2020 Is Ready

The wait is over — Saturn turned retrograde on May 11, 2020 in Aquarius and is now finally direct today September 29, 2020 at 1:11 am EDT! (Gotta love that angel number in there!)

It’s been a long time coming as with traditional Saturn lessons, practice makes perfect.

Astrological Energy Shift: Saturn Direct In Its Home of Capricorn

Anytime a planet transits to it’s “home” or in the sign that has named that particular planet it’s planetary ruler, the energy is much more cohesive.

Saturn is already NOT one of the easiest planets to work with energetically, but it’s one of the most influential for your development in this human experience.

Saturn has been in retrograde for about four months, urging us to become more disciplined towards our future. As with any retrograde energy, you’re called to answer some reassessing questions, like:

Am I moving towards my intended purpose?

How hard am I willing to work for this?

If I remain consistent, when can I expect to see results?

Saturn retrogrades can be difficult because you may experience delays that can be frustrating and discouraging — but you’ve made it through!

Now that it’s direct, this energy can start flowing in a forward-moving direction. Soon, you’ll be able to see how your hard work is going to pay off, especially in your career sector.

It’s still going to be important to remain consistent as Saturn rewards those who can stay committed to a vision.

This is very practical, grounded energy and your ideas can definitely manifest if you’ve prepared for them. Don’t let up, your rewards are on their way!

Maximize This Energy

This past Saturn retrograde cycle might have shown you what you’re made of. Do you buckle under pressure? Do you fold when you don’t experience instant gratification?

Even if you did, these were learning lessons for you. Saturn’s structured energy is here to help propel you towards your purpose — all you have to do is accept the responsibility that comes with it.

If this feels overwhelming or confusing, find a balance between your work life and your home life. Remember, Cancer is the sister sign Capricorn, so inserting that separation from personal space and career time can make all the difference.

Saturn is literally father time while Cancer is the mother of the zodiac. Implementing a structured schedule that works for you can balance your emotional needs with your career ambitions.

Go Deeper

Where is Saturn in your natal birth chart? Identifying this placement can help you to understand where you need to be more disciplined in your life.

Remember this isn’t a lesson that can be fully learned with a year of retrograde cycles and this placement provides a lifetime of lessons. Be patient with yourself and remain steady in your efforts.

Today’s Affirmation:

“I celebrate Saturn’s forward motion and choose to utilize this energy to finally move things forward with my career and work life. And I commit to following through on my goals now that this shift in energy has made that easier for me.”

HOROSCOPE FORECAST: Your Horoscope Forecast For September 27, 2020 Is Ready

Now I know that your Scorpio senses might be tingling reading this quick email from me, but I have some exciting news to share with you: Mercury has moved into Scorpio!

Astrological Energy Shift: Mercury in Scorpio September 27, 2020 – October 27, 2020

You might be wondering, “How does she know that…” It’s natural to be more suspicious during any Scorpio transits.

However, it’s also natural to want to dive deeper when Scorpio energy is present, so I had to share some helpful astro information with you.

Scorpio presents a lot of intensity, pushing us beyond our perceived limits, and promotes transformation.

Being that Mercury rules the way that your thoughts form and your natural communication style, you might be wanting to have conversations that have real substance.

Consider the fact that Mercury is just shifting out of Libra, which previously urged us to find balance and to arrive at fair solutions by networking and expanding our social circles through conversation.

Mercury in Scorpio pushes you to trust your intuition when it comes to these connections. Mercury in Scorpio seeks truths in all that is hidden and undercover.

Don’t forget that Scorpio is traditionally ruled by Mars, but it’s modern planetary ruler is Pluto, the planet of deep transformation and change.

If something isn’t working, it will be exposed at this time and most likely handled through clear, authentic conversations.

Maximize This Energy

Sometimes it’s helpful to remember the elemental energy that’s presented when these astrological shifts take place.

Scorpio is a water sign and it’s going to drive you to the deepest, darkest depths of the ocean. If you can imagine this, it’s hard to see — you have to feel through it and trust your gut!

It’s important to find healthy outlets for emotional release during this time, especially when it comes to stimulating your Mercurian muscle (your mind).

This will help you to communicate clearly, avoid passive aggressiveness, and tap into this powerful Scorpio-Pluto energy.

As with any energetic shift, there’s always the need to respect our dual universe. One way that astrology allows us to do that is to look at the sister sign of the energy being affected.

For instance with Scorpio, Taurus is the sister sign (or opposite). If you find yourself becoming too enveloped in the intensity of this cosmic energy, you can practice a little self love and care for yourself with Venus-inspired Taurus activities.

Just to give an example, if you’ve had a very deep emotionally charged conversation with a friend, you might be a little drained.

Rather than just compartmentalizing that energy, take a moment to ground yourself with a nourishing meal and truly take that time to enjoy yourself.

This can be more rewarding than you know, giving you the energy to continue being productive rather than experiencing burnout or emotional exhaustion.

Go Deeper

Have you looked at where Mercury is present in your natal birth chart?

Pay attention to which house it’s present in (this will be the area of life that is impacted until the end of October).

Also check to see if there are any other planets conjunct (or partnered) with Mercury. These energies will also be amplified at this time.

Today’s Affirmation:

“I will utilize the energy of Mercury in Scorpio to reveal hidden truths I have not been aware of. And I will focus on deeper, more meaningful conversations and connections with those in my soul tribe.”

HOROSCOPE FORECAST: Your Horoscope Forecast For September 22, 2020 Is Ready

Now that the Sun has moved into the charismatic sign of Libra, you’ll be more inclined to socialize and meet new people (as much as we can nowadays). Everyone that you meet is a reflection of you at this time, so keep your eyes and ears open!

Astrological Energy Shift: Sun in Libra September 22, 2020 – October 22, 2020

The Sun is our life force, giving us energy and solar power to keep on going in our human experience. When the Sun shifts into a new astrological sign, everyone experiences this shift in energy.

Isn’t it amazing to really witness and experience these cosmic rhythms? Becoming in tune with this galactic energy begins to tell a story and truly highlights the divine timing of the universe.

Collectively we are all shifting from Virgo season, which amplified your ability to be hyper-focused and organized. Now that you have certain tasks organized, a routine established, and order in your life, Libra season is here to help develop your social circle.

Virgo, being a mutable sign, allowed for you to make changes in your life without much resistance. Libra is a cardinal sign, which is very initiative and can propel you in new directions.

The people that you meet during Libra season are reflective of you. And they can provide balance in your life (especially when it comes to your work-life balance). They will also prepare you for the deep dives that Scorpio season has in store at the end of October and November.

Maximize This Energy

As Libra’s energy attempts to restore balance, it’s best to work with it’s harmonizing scales rather than against it. The word of this season is delegate!

You’ll be meeting new people at the perfect time — don’t shy away from building those connections that can help make your life easier.

Business and contracts are a huge theme as well, so make sure that you’re crossing your T’s and dotting your I’s as you move forward with building these new relationships.

Go Deeper

Everyone has Libra energy in their natal birth chart — even you! Find where Libra is in your chart and which house it is in. This will explain which area of life this season will be affecting the most.

Also pay attention to any planetary placements you may have there (or lack of). Planetary placements in a house simply mean that the planet’s traits and themes are infused into that area of life.

Empty houses in a chart simply means that this area of life isn’t a major focus in this lifetime, although the energy is still present.

Whenever you’re confused or need a little bit of guidance, your natal birth chart is a great tool to use for clarity.

Today’s Affirmation:

“I will use the energy of the Sun moving into Libra to connect and create deep meaningful, positive relationships with my soul tribe. And I will utilize this energy to create more balance in my life, especially between my work and personal life.”

HOROSCOPE FORECAST: Your Horoscope Forecast For September 17, 2020 Is Ready

Having a hard time sleeping? It’s always difficult to sleep when the energy of the New Moon in Virgo is present.

If your mind is working overtime, this is normal. This New Moon is aligning with the intentional Virgo season!

Astrological Energy Shift: New Moon in Virgo

When moon phases align with where the Sun is transiting, the cosmic energy is amplified. In this case, the Sun moved into Virgo on August 22, 2020 and this will be your first New Moon in Virgo since, amplifying everything that Virgo represents.

New Moon energy can be decoded by simply admiring the moon in it’s present phase.

Have you ever looked at a New Moon? It’s hard to see because the night sky is black as the moon “hides.” You can’t see very much of it, but you can feel it’s presence and you know it’s there.

The moon represents the subconscious and our emotions. New Moons are a great time to dive into the depths of our emotional world and start manifesting.

As you can see, there are several phases that need to take place before a Full Moon is present again where you’ll be able to see an illuminated night sky. This means that you have time to wrestle with your subconscious to decide what it is that you truly want to manifest.

There is symbolism when the Moon becomes more visibly present. The more of the Moon that is visible, the more details and aspects of your life are illuminated, leading to your next big detox of what no longer serves you during the next Full Moon.

Maximize This Energy

Since you will be dealing with Virgo energy, it’s important to remember what Virgo represents. Symbolized by the Maiden or the Virgin, it’s important to remember that Virgo is a human and a woman at that, amplifying feminine energy.

Virgo is also an earth sign that represents the day to day life of the human experience, balanced by the watery opposing Pisces that represents the oneness with universal energy of the human experience. Virgo wants you to materialize with intention so organization, detoxing, and strategy is key.

With Virgo being a Mercury-ruled earth sign, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by your mind when trying to define and manifest your goals. If you find yourself becoming too critical of yourself, try some more Piscean tasks like meditation to calm your thoughts.

Go Deeper

Everyone has natal Virgo energy in their birth chart — even you, [[firstname]]! To see what areas of life this New Moon may affect, find which house Virgo under in your chart and which planets may or may not be present.

You’ll be determined to improve your management and routines over these impacted areas this month!

Today’s Affirmation:

“I will leverage the energy of the New Moon in Virgo to connect with my emotions regarding my health, my organization, and strategizing my goals. And I trust I will receive divine guidance on the best way for me to tap into my feminine energy and express it in the world.”

HOROSCOPE FORECAST: Your Horoscope Forecast For September 12, 2020 Is Ready

It just seems like it was a couple of days ago when I shared the amazing news that Mercury is in the friendly sign of Libra, expanding your social circle and connecting with your soul family.

It’s no coincidence that the cosmos has shifted again allowing for more networking and connections to take place now that Jupiter Retrograde is finally over!

The word of the day is expansion as Jupiter has finally gone direct in Capricorn.

Have you been ready to take your career to the next level? The universe is ready to exceed your expectations if you’re willing to work right now.

Astrological Energy Shift: Jupiter Direct in Capricorn September 12, 2020 – December 19, 2020

Jupiter was retrograde from May 14 to September 12th, 2020, in the sign of Capricorn. If you’ve been trying to get a project off the ground or expand your business ventures, it could have felt like things just weren’t coming together.

But trust me, it wasn’t you. It was the cosmos preparing you for the abundance that is about to effortlessly flow into your life.

Capricorn is ruled by the disciplinary planet Saturn. As you know, in the astro community Saturn isn’t the most favored planet because it’s transits don’t necessarily feel good.

But these transits always present very important lessons about discipline, persistence, and following through with actualizing your goals.

As with any retrograde, the normal forward moving motion of the planet is reversed, causing us to feel the opposite energy that Jupiter would typically present.

What’s normally expansive and abundant felt blocked and scarce. Again, it’s not you — you were being prepared for today!

Now that Jupiter is direct and moving in forward motion again, energy surrounding your work life and career efforts are about to transform.

Jupiter and Saturn were working together to make sure you had some discipline established so that when you came into your blessings, you will value them because you’ve worked hard to be in this position.

Maximize This Energy

Tthis is the perfect time to get really clear on what it is that you want to accomplish. Jupiter is presenting such bountiful energy, you won’t want to miss out by exuding any kind of confusion or uncertainty.

Personally, I’ve found that journaling my big vision or creating a vision board can help to both inspire me to keep moving forward and take those big leaps of faith. Jupiter is here to meet you halfway!

Go Deeper

Find where your natal Jupiter is in your birth chart. You’ll see the area of life where you naturally open to more abundance and blessings.

It can be reassuring to revisit your chart from time to time to just remind yourself that you’re on the right path, especially right now when clarity and confidence are going to help you make the most of your boundless Jupiter in Capricorn manifestations.

Today’s Affirmation:

“I welcome the expansion of grounded energy in my life. And I will spend time focusing on my work-life goals so I can concentrate my energy on reaching them with this expansive energy.”

HOROSCOPE FORECAST: Your Horoscope Forecast For September 09, 2020 Is Ready

If you’re feeling a bit sluggish today, it’s because Mars has begun retrograding in the sign of Aries. The cosmic energy is much slower than you’re probably used to.

Astrological Energy Shift: Mars RX in Aries September 9, 2020 – November 13, 2020

When Mars collective energy shifts, it affects your energetic body, especially your passion and drive concerning your projects, work-life, and even your libido.

Although Mercury Retrogrades get the most chatter among the spiritual community, Mars Retrograde can be just as catastrophic.

It’s better to have an understanding about his shift in energy ahead of time as to not confuse your lack of motivation for your gut feeling deterring you from continuing your projects.

The technical details of Mars Retrograde is that Mars actually begins rotating backward in the zodiac sign that it’s stationed in (Aries in this case). This means that the energy that it normally presents is also moving “backward.”

When Mars is moving forward, you might feel very motivated and have a lot of drive and ambition towards your goals, especially when Mars is in its cardinal home in Aries.

But retrogrades will actually present the opposite energy and you might feel blocked from moving forward.

If you don’t have a deep-rooted connection to the tasks and projects at hand, your energetic body will not have the normal vigor to get up and do what you need to do.

Considering the fact that we’re in the midst of Virgo season, you probably already feel called to detox mentally, physically, spiritually, etc.

Mars Retrograde in Aries will highlight the areas in your life where your true passion does not lie so you can move away from those things that don’t fit your life.

Maximize This Energy

This is the perfect time to reassess your current projects and your typical approach to getting what you want and obtaining your true desires.

From now up until November, you’ll feel more drawn to be introspective than asserting your usual Mars aggressiveness or assertiveness.

While most are willing to climb their way to the top in a competitive rat race, the name of the game right now is alignment.

Try to find healthy outlets for your competitive, argumentative energy to avoid passive aggressiveness with those close to you.

If a new project presents itself, you might hesitate. And that’s okay!

This is the time to feel through things and take an extra pause to see if you’re aligned with the events presenting themselves to you.

Go Deeper

Find where Mars is transiting in your chart during the retrograde period. You’ll see where you might be drawn to focus on affairs associated with that house and/or planet.

Look deeply to see what needs to be reassessed in that area of your life. Then make the changes needed so you are ready to move forward when Mars goes direct again on November 14th.

Today’s Affirmation:

“I will receive divine guidance on what things and people belong in my life and which ones are holding me back on my path. And I will be patient with myself during this time of introspection, knowing my plans will unfold in divine timing.”