Your Intimate Angel Reading For May 18, 2020

Archangel Ambriel has an important message for you.

I have a very deep feeling that this one will resonate with you…


Well, Ambriel delivers the message of uncovering your divine truth.

If you’ve been feeling called to develop something like a project, a relationship, or even add more aspects to your daily spiritual rituals, Archangel Ambriel is inviting you to dive deeper to reveal your inner potential.

As the Archangel that rules over Gemini and the month of May, Ambriel delivers the reality that we all have polarity within us.

He understands that we as humans find it difficult to accept truths when they resonate as we usually have two dialogues going on in our heads (just like the duality of Gemini).

He’s here to support you in uncovering dashes of realism that resonate on a soul level.

The lessons that Ambriel comes to deliver are not easy to understand initially, which is why he is here to support you through these transitions.

After all, most of us humans don’t truly know what we want until we experience what we don’t want.

Ambriel hopes to help you take a short cut in uncovering what speaks to your soul so that you don’t have to experience so many polarizing circumstances to find what it is that you want to do in this lifetime.

When you call upon Archangel Ambriel as I have so many times, you can rest assured that he will always make his presence known with gusts of wind.

This symbolizes how quickly things can change and stimulates the mind and Mercurial energy (since he rules over the planet Mercury of thinking and communication).

Ambriel may also ignite your self-awareness so that you’re able to analyze things and discuss or communicate without criticizing or judging, helping guide your conscience towards your truth.

Simply declare your intentions and what you want most.

Whether it’s looking for deeper love, a harmonious work environment, or developing a stronger connection with your spirit guides, Ambriel will remind you to focus your thoughts and emotions on what you desire.

Today’s Affirmation:

“I trust that Archangel Ambriel will guide me towards truths that resonate with my soul. I trust that whatever I am seeking is also seeking me. What I am desiring is already on its way to me with Archangel Ambriel’s support.”

Your Intimate Angel Reading For May 12, 2020

Right now Archangel Hamaliel is here to balance your overflowing emotions.

Have you been feeling too emotional right now? As if you can’t see the whole picture clearly because your feelings keep blurring your vision?

It’s okay to be in tune emotionally…

But Archangel Hamaliel encourages you to tap into your logical mind right now to restore balance in your inner world.

While many humans struggle to express themselves emotionally, let their feelings flow through them, and actually experience passion-filled lessons, you don’t try to shy away from these things.

This is something to celebrate!

However, there is always a need for balance.

Tapping into the masculine energy that Archangel Hamaliel delivers can activate your logic, help you become more decisive, and make choices that benefit you in the long term, not just this moment.

In order to help you invite the healing energy of Archangel Hamaliel into your life, it might be helpful to know more about him, right?

Well to start, he is the Archangel that rules over the astrological sign Virgo and he also rules over Virgo’s ruling planet, Mercury.

Even if you’re not a Virgo or don’t have any Virgo placements in your chart, you do have a Mercury placement that rules over your thinking and communication style.

Familiarizing yourself with your individual chart can help you understand how Archangel Hamaliel may be trying to support you right now.

Sometimes, if you see wheat (which is associated with the Virgin symbolism of Virgo) or a graceful swan, you can relax knowing that Archangel Hamaliel is nearby.

When I called upon Hamaliel to help me make an important decision in my life, I saw a swan present itself at my local park’s lake.

The swan is very interesting as you observe it. When it rests its long neck, it helps the swan’s head face inward towards their breast.

This symbolizes becoming more introspective to come to your decision.

Also, pointing your mind towards your own heart, not looking outward for other’s opinions or perspectives, is another lesson that Archangel Hamaliel sends the swan to teach.

Right now, he is inviting you to go into a quick hermit mode and meditate on some of the larger decisions that you’re going to have to make at this time.

Remember to keep the bigger picture in mind and balance your mind and your heart!

Today’s Affirmation:

“Angel Hamaliel, I know that I can act from an emotional stance, which isn’t always best for me. Please guide me towards a balanced mind and heart and reveal the logical choice that will ignite the path towards becoming the best version of myself.”

Your Intimate Angel Reading For May 06, 2020

I am so excited to share with you that bountiful blessings are on their way to you!

If you’ve been feeling particularly lucky lately, it’s because Archangel Barchiel is fluttering nearby, the angel of blessings from God.

How amazing is that?!

Archangel Barchiel is actually the angel associated with the zodiac sign Pisces, which is modernly ruled by Neptune and traditionally ruled by Jupiter.

It makes sense that Archangel Barchiel is connected to both the month February (in which half of Pisces people are born) and also rules over the expansive, abundant planet Jupiter.

Even if you weren’t born under the sign of Pisces, there is a lot that Archangel Barchiel wants to teach you when it comes to following your dreams and being open to receiving the blessings he has in store for you.

First, Barchiel is known to have roses nearby. In photos you may see him with white or red roses, symbolizing both peace and love, especially self-love.

That’s also how you know that Archangel Barchiel is nearby…

You may see rose petals sprinkled about. And it’s possible you may even smell the scent of roses out of nowhere.

In addition, you can invite his presence into your life by buying yourself some roses or putting rose petals in a bath.

When it comes to manifesting your dreams, you must both invite peace and prosperity into your life (symbolized by the white rose) and trust that your manifestations will come to life.

After all, the Universe is always working with you not against you. So all you must do is trust the process.

Secondly, there is a level of confidence that you need to have in order to believe that what you’re dreaming of is truly possible.

Archangel Barchiel will bless you with the natural healing of red rose medicine, which brings forth strong feelings of self-love.

Calling on Barchiel has helped me so much in helping me reach my loftiest goals.

After all, Jupiter’s abundant, expansive energy is here to support those that call upon Barchiel for assistance!

Would you like Barchiel’s guidance?

I highly encourage you to visit your local florist and invest in a beautiful bouquet of roses.

Not only can you lighten the energy of your home with these beautiful flowers, but you can also repurpose them for a luxurious, relaxing bath.

You can even create your own rose oil that you can put on as you get dressed each day.

Today’s Affirmation:

“I trust Archangel Barchiel to relax my anxieties and open my energy up to receiving the bountiful blessings he is here to bestow. I ask Barchiel to help me remain imaginative, dreaming, and open to miracles on my journey.”

Your Intimate Angel Reading For April 30, 2020

I am receiving a message that it’s time to stop numbing yourself and escaping from your reality right now…

If anything, this is the best time to revisit your past and integrate your experiences so that you can create a better future.

Archangel Zachriel is with you right now and wants you to know that your memories hold so much power — both happy and unpleasant ones.

The more that you try to run from those that bring up complex feelings, the more you’re actually creating a reality in which you’re likely to repeat the same cycles.

You see, Archangel Zachriel wanted me to share his story with you so that you could understand what the word “integration” truly means from a divine perspective.

Archangel Zachirel is one of the most tenacious angels there is, holding a heavy responsibility of deciding which angels’ memories are kept and which angel’s memories need to be erased.

Now, you might be surprised that any angel’s memories need to be erased, but after Archangel Michael battled Lucifer during his great fall, Micheal appointed blunt, honest Archangel Zachriel as the Angel of Memory.

In fact, a whole subset of angels was created called the Nemosynes after Lucifer’s rebellion in which Zachriel led.

Their duty was to ensure that another angel’s rebellion would never occur.

If you were to ever be graced with the sight of Archangel Zachriel, you might see gold markings on his body, identifying him as a powerful protector of the heavens, the Nemosyne.

In order to do that, Zachriel and the rest of the Nemosynes are now in charge of “creating” fallen angels.

That means that Angel Zachriel and his partners weeded out any angel considering rebellion and erased their memories of both their powers and of Heaven and kicked them out.

He is like the chief bouncer of Heaven if Heaven were a nightclub.

Although Zachriel has the ability to wipe memories clean, he also teaches us humans the value of those precious memories.

There are a couple of lessons presented here when Zachriel shows up to support you…

Either you need to remember something from your past so that you can integrate that life lesson into your present to create a better future…

Or you need to let go of a painful memory that is keeping you stagnant.

You know better than anyone else exactly what you need right now…

More importantly, Archangel Zachriel knows too and he is here to help you.

To call forth the mighty power of Archangel Zachriel, simply ask for his assistance. He’s patiently waiting to clear your mind.

Today’s Affirmation:

“I trust Archangel Zachriel to lovingly reveal to me my past experiences, good and bad, and teach me how to forgive myself and others. I let go of memories and old behaviors attached to negative experiences that no longer serve me. I cherish positive experiences and keep them close to my heart as I attract and seek out happiness in my future.”

Your Intimate Angel Reading For March 13, 2020

The Archangel Azrael is showing up for you today.

He is known as the ‘benevolent transformer of mental and emotional anxieties’ and one of the most healing of all of the angels.

Azrael’s call means you might be dealing with loss, stress, worry, or other issues.

Azrael shows us there is a way to find peace and calmness, even in our present circumstances, if we ask for support.

sometimes this is also a message to let go of any unhealed grief or loss from relationships or situations affecting us right now.

Grief isn’t just for the people who’ve left our lives.

It can also be grieving over a sense of what we’ve lost like a work position, a career, facing an illness (loss of health), or even changing circumstances or lost opportunities.

Azrael advises that grief is a process and we might still be carrying loss no matter how long ago the other person left our life or the situation changed.

I have a close friend whose traumatic brain injury affected every area of her life – health, work, relationships.

And a big part of her healing journey was learning to deal with the feelings of loss around her sense of who she was, and who she’d be going forward.

Calling on Azrael helped her greatly in both processing what she was dealing with AND being open to what she was called to do next.

When we love deeply, we feel loss just as deeply when someone or something is gone from our lives.

Azrael reminds us that honoring each loss is an important part of the human healing process.

Wwould you like Azrael’s guidance?

Just write the names of people or losses in a list and surrender the entire list over to Azrael’s safekeeping. Ask for his help, his loving guidance, and his peace.

Today’s Affirmation:

“I trust Azrael to guide me through the process of grief, fully processing it so I can move forward in my life. And I ask him to help me remain open to better things, situations, and people coming into my life.”

Repeat this affirmation to yourself a few times each day until you feel that Azreal has helped you process your grief and move on to bigger, brighter, and better things, people and situations.

Your Intimate Angel Reading For April 24, 2020

When was the last time you felt fresh and revitalized?

I can sense that it’s been a while which is probably why Archangel Matariel is showing up for you right now…

When Archangel Matariel makes an appearance in your life, this is no small gesture.

As the holy celestial being that rules over rain and perspiration, Materiel is here to cleanse your mind, body, and soul so that you can reconnect to your divine soul purpose.

Everyone in the world needs a hand from Archangel Matariel, so the fact that he is making his presence known to you now says a lot!

Matariel is not like any other angel you may have heard about or even imagined. As you read this, you may feel a cool, refreshing surge of nurturing energy come over you.

As the Archangel in charge of the world’s rains, he calmly hovers over the clouds above us all.

And he listens for those who need assistance with clearing old energy and releasing hindering habits, and who wish to parch their thirst with his abundant stream of pure energy.

Although you may just view a rainy day as a good opportunity to catch up on much-needed sleep, those stormy nights are much more special than you may have originally thought.

You see, the rain is a natural way of cleansing, clearing, and allowing the new to grow and flourish.

Believe it or not, there is such a thing as too much rain. But don’t worry about that.
Archangel Matariel also protects against flooding, knowing exactly what you need and how much you need to propel you into the next phase of your life.

I had Archangel Matariel visit me once. I could tell from the random precipitation on my bedroom windows…

When I awoke from my dream, I was guided to take a spiritual cleansing bath adorned with herbs, salts, and garnished with crystals around my tub to support my revitalizing transition.

I’m so glad I followed that powerful guidance that he showed me because I started seeing results immediately when I cleansed my energy.

It might be helpful to get into a deep meditation and imagine the color blue as that’s connected to Archangel Matariel and the water element.

If it helps, keep a notepad next to your meditation corner and write out your questions for Matariel.

He will help you clear out the old you while at the same time nurturing you to become your best, highest version of yourself.

Today’s Affirmation:

“I trust that Matariel will provide divinely timed cleansing and pave the path to purity, knowing he will remind me what it feels like to be refreshed and reconnected to Universal source energy.”

Your Intimate Angel Reading For April 18, 2020

Archangel Dumah has an important message for you.

The funny part about it is that you probably won’t hear this message, you’ll probably feel it more than anything.


Well, Archangel Dumah is the angel of silence.

If you’ve been feeling called to retreat into hermit mode, this is Archangel Dumah encouraging you to rest so that he can share this divine message with you.

Since Archangel Dumah can’t tell you himself, I will tell you the story of why Dumah has so few words to share.

Interestingly enough, Dumah was an angel connected to the divine symphony, actually protecting each long holy note from beginning to end.

However, he also had more insights than most other angels and knew of the Great Fall of Lucifer before it happened.

Rather than simply sticking to his divine assignment, he decided to whisper his knowledge to Yves which caused him to be condemned to silence.

From there, his divine assignment was changed forever from the guardian of the holy symphony to master teacher and angel of silence.

No, Archangel Dumah is not a fallen angel or delivering you an omen.

He is simply highlighting the power of finding your sacred, silent, middle space that can keep you connected to this universal source that surrounds us.

Surprisingly, those who accept the power of silence become a force to be reckoned with!

Archangel Dumah is one of the most difficult angels for dark energies to plot against because he is so unpredictable.

He does not announce every move he makes, every thought he has, or his plans.

Instead, he brings you the medicine of soundlessness because it also brings you the power of spontaneity, emphasizes your free will, and allows you to exercise critical thinking and decisiveness.

While Dumah’s duties changed, he still follows his divine assignment which has led him here to guide you into the next chapter of your life.

Right now, all you need to do is reflect and find stillness in your life.

Archangel Dumah will connect with you through your meditations when you’re finally able to fully be present in the moment.

He will let you know when it’s time to speak and when it’s time to remain reserved!

Today’s Affirmation:

“I trust that Archangel Dumah will unlock the power of my throat chakra. Archangel Dumah will show me how to find peace and serenity in silence and when it is time to speak my truth wholly and honestly.”

Your Intimate Angel Reading For April 12, 2020

Right now Archangel Barbiel is here to convert difficult feelings into genuine compassion for yourself and others.

Are you ready? Are you open to it?

If you hesitated, it’s okay…

That is expected. Our human experience doesn’t necessarily promote transmutation of these negative emotions — our society usually promotes becoming stagnant there.

We’re taught that revenge is the way or that when you’ve been wronged that you shouldn’t trust others the same way again.

Truly, this is the fastest way to becoming cold-hearted and closed off to your natural divine right to love and abundance.

Archangel Barbiel wants to see you live your most fulfilling, passion-fueled human experience, so he is here to offer his healing.

There is a difference between “turning the other cheek” and doing what is right.

As much as we would love to remain passive about issues, Archangel Barbiel encourages you to stand up for yourself.

He holds a fiery sword that cuts through the darkness, exposing truths and also highlighting the best way to handle them.

No, this does not mean to go out and seek revenge, but Archangel Barbiel does wish to show you how to set and maintain boundaries.

The good fight here is about fighting for yourself.

Barbiel has helped me develop the inner strength to stand up for myself many times, so I know that you have the ability to do this, too!

As much as you would love to give, give, give, or remain forgiving of others, that does not mean that you should feel depleted or drained of your energy.

This should also not make you angry or closed off to the world.

Instead, Archangel Barbiel offers the medicine of self-love and deep compassion for yourself.

All of the forgiveness that you would normally grant to others so freely should be poured into yourself.

Barbiel is here to remind you that you did the best with what you could do with the knowledge that you had at that time.

Now, he is igniting your path towards healing, power, transformation, and protection for the future.

If you should ever need his assistance, simply ask for his mighty energy to guide and guard you through your future endeavors.

Today’s Affirmation:

“Angel Barbiel, the divinely appointed angel of compassion, sometimes my judgment
of others is out of alignment with what I know is true on a soul level. Thank you for helping me to understand that the Universe’s mercy on me is a reflection of my mercy
on others.”

Your Intimate Angel Reading For April 06, 2020

Do you smell that sweet aroma in the air?

This floral scent is usually present when the “perfume of God,” or Archangel Muriel is present.

If you don’t smell anything, that’s okay. You’re on the path of developing your psychic senses, which is why Archangel Muriel has shown up to assist you on this new journey.

You’re probably always been empathic or had a difficult time with emotions and feelings. It’s almost like your feelings provide you both gifts and curses, right?

Well, truly your sensitivity is a gift as it is heightened intuition.

That is the message of the lesser-known, but still extremely powerful, Archangel Muriel — to lean into your emotional nature as you’re highly intuitive and here to help heal the world.

Archangel Muriel rules over the month of June and she also rules over the sensitive sign of Cancer, which is a highly intuitive water sign.

Just as the sign of Cancer, Archangel Muriel is encouraging you to awaken the inner humanitarian within you.

I know the world has been so harsh and many have misunderstood the power of emotional intelligence, making most of us empaths feel like we’re too difficult to deal with or understand.

Archangel Muriel delivers the message that if you truly work to break down the guard around your heart, you’ll be gifted with new intuitive gifts that can take your healing work to the next level.

As with any spirit guide or ancestor, your Archangel Muriel would love to be acknowledged and thanked for protecting you on the spiritual plane.

To call upon her, she enjoys the smell of myrrh, so lighting some before you go to bed can help her to appear in your dreams.

Archangel Muriel is very gentle and provides nurturing, motherlike energy.

She wants to make you feel comfortable with seeing and feeling her presence, so she usually will present herself in your dreams on a light magic carpet.

Calling on Muriel has helped me so much in developing my psychic abilities and learning how to love myself and all my gifts unconditionally.

At the end of the day, Muriel wants us all to know that when we close our hearts to the world, the ones that we truly hurt are ourselves.

would you like Muriel’s guidance?

I highly encourage you to invest in a small amount of myrrh and set the intention to connect with her loving energy in your dreams.

Today’s Affirmation:

“I trust Archangel Muriel to guide me through the process of developing emotional intelligence, balance, and my natural intuitive abilities. And I ask her to help me remain open to more love, compassion, and understanding in my heart.”

Your Intimate Angel Reading For March 31, 2020

I am receiving a message that you must stay in your lane right now!

Archangel Camael is with you right now and wants you to know that if you’re feeling vengeful or if someone has done you wrong, you are not to act out of character.

You see, Archangel Camael’s name holds so much power. It literally means “he who sees God.”

Right now, you’re being the gift of discernment and clarity — which honestly probably ruffled some feathers within you…

However, no matter how upsetting the news is, or finally being able to see the truth of matters in front of you, you are not to step outside of yourself to administer justice in the way that you see fit.

Archangel Camael is a mighty angel that is in charge of 12,000 fiery angels of destruction, appointed by this universal source of power to administer divine justice when necessary.

He also presents the energy of power, invisibility, and invincibility, showing those that he is with the way to clear karmic debts with integrity.

As much as rage and anger might run through you, Archangel Camael can help guide this fiery energy with his rulership over the planet Mars, or the planet of passion, war, and aggression.

He helps us move forward in divinity and grace by reminding you that there’s no need for you to step outside of your own character — that all divine justice can and will be handled with the power of his holy squadron.

Remember., the universe is constantly responding to us, so it’s important that you maintain a high frequency and positive thoughts.

Your angel guides want to see you carry out your divine soul path with as much ease and grace as possible.

So please give all of your worries and disappointments to them to handle in the spiritual realm.

To call forth the mighty power of Archangel Camael, simply ask for his assistance in providing relief from any negative feelings or emotional disturbances.

Today’s Affirmation:

“I trust Archangel Camael to lovingly accept my frustrations and take over the role of divine justice for me. I accept the trust that I am a soul having a human experience and that my feelings are valid, but they do not have to be acted upon. I ask him to replace my anger and disappointment with love, grace, and compassion for myself and others.”

Your Intimate Angel Reading For March 25, 2020

Oh wow! I can feel a surge of passion, love, and fiery energy surrounding you!

Have you been feeling this wave of light surrounding you as well?

If those fiery feelings haven’t hit you just yet, be prepared because a new initiation to the next level of your life is on the way.

And don’t fret!

You are divinely protected through this transition in your life by the Chief Prince of Seraphim Angels, Seraphiel!

Seraphiel is not like any other angel you may have heard about or even imagined. As you read this, you may feel the warmth of his embrace from his many wings.

That’s right! Seraphiel is no ordinary angel. As a Chief of the Seraphim angels, he stands over seven ft. tall and is known to have four faces, six wings, and a mighty roar like a lion!

This may sound unbelievable, almost as if Angel Seraphiel is a fictional character, but you must trust your feelings and intuition right now.

Can you recall how many times in the past where you’ve been divinely protected from harm’s way?

This is by no surprise. Seraphiel was fighting for you in the astral spiritual realm!

Seraphim angels are different from any other angel that you’re used to…

They are the protectors, warriors, and divine gatekeepers of love, light, and fire which is why they exude this undeniable lioness courage and mighty roar!

Since Angel Seraphiel is connected to the planet Mercury, you may be getting random ideas or even insights that can bring you towards your divine soul purpose in this lifetime.

A few years ago I, myself, was struggling with opening my heart chakra up to receive love and had issues with believing in myself… that I was worthy of love and to live a life doing what I loved.

When I was meditating quietly one day, I saw the surprising image of a Seraphim angel with all of the wings surrounding a ball of fire and light energy.

I couldn’t even see his four faces as the center was so bright, but I knew that Seraphiel was visiting me to help me get realigned with my divine path.

I was overcome with gratitude as, for that very slight moment, I felt his energy flow through me — that surge of passion, love, and abundance flowing all throughout my body.

This was the feeling that I wanted — and deserved — to feel forever!

I’m so glad I followed those powerful feelings of love that he showed me because I started seeing results immediately when I began trusting my own intuition.

As I developed my abilities as a reader I knew that I was being assisted by Angel Seraphiel.

To call upon Angel Seraphiel, you must first release fear.

The last things your guardian angels want to do is scare you — and let’s admit it, Seraphim angels have powerful energy and image that’s unlike anything we are used to seeing in our human experience.

You must truly be ready to bask in the unique divinity of the Seraphim angels.

Since Seraphim angels are the highest rank of angels and closest to God, Seraphiel brings the energy of purification through love, devotion, and worship of this universal source energy.

By letting go of whatever is closing your heart to divine love that surrounds you, you allow Seraphiel to offer you exactly what you need.

It might be helpful to get into a deep meditation and imagine the color green, as that’s connected to Angel Seraphiel, the planet Mercury, and the heart chakra.

If it helps, keep a notebook or journal next to your bed and write out your questions for Seraphiel.

He will help you open your heart up to receiving the glory that awaits you when you follow your soul path!

Today’s Affirmation:

“I trust Seraphiel to provide divine guidance, knowing he will show me the true feeling of Universal source connection.”

Repeat this affirmation to yourself a few times each day until you can feel the warm hug of Seraphiel around you.

Your Intimate Angel Reading For March 19, 2020

You are being tapped on the shoulder by the angel of self-love!

Archangel Chamuel is saying “it’s time to take the care and feeding of your body and soul seriously. By accessing that deep well of love within, you can share it with others.”

How many times do you find yourself making sure everyone else has what they need and gets taken care of BEFORE you even begin to consider what you want or need?

By continually giving from a well that is only half-full, you’re not able to fully recharge.

And you’re also not as well-equipped to look out for others or do the work you’ve come here to do!

We are each spiritual beings having a human experience and our human side needs to be cared for just as our spirits thrive when we are doing what brings us joy along our path.

In the past I’ve even had self-care items on a list, things to do to take care of myself, and would check them off as I did them. There was little feeling of appreciation.

Never really asking myself, “what do you need right now?” I’d do whatever was on the list.

Self-love is a soul level acceptance of ourselves that leads to a feeling of inner peace and serenity.

When you know you’ll take care of yourself no matter what’s happening around you, Chamuel reminds you’ll also see all the ways the Universe is also taking care of you!

What is it your body needs right now? What would make you feel appreciated and loved by yourself?

You are being encouraged to do that today! Take a day and treat yourself to something special. Ask yourself what you need and do it!

Today’s Affirmation:

“I trust Chamuel to guide me to love and care for myself fully, including taking care of my physical body. I ask him to help me continue to practice deep self-care no matter what is going on around me.”

Repeat this affirmation to yourself a few times each day until you feel guided by Chamuel to love yourself fully and practice self-care every single day.

Your Intimate Angel Reading For January 01, 2020

When I was channeling energy today, I felt the strong presence of an angel with an urgent message.

It took me a minute to recognize the energy before it realized it was Ariel.

I don’t hear from Ariel very often, but when I do, it’s always because there is an urgent message for me or someone else in my soul family.

In this case, it’s a message for you.

If you don’t know who Ariel is, this angel is associated with rose quartz and the color pale pink and oversees both nature and the underworld, punishing those who harm others.

And today Ariel is sensing that you need help with something in your physical environment. It could be food, shelter, water, or some other essential need you have at this time.

I want you to know that you can call on Ariel to guide you.

Because Ariel is deeply connected to nature, the environment, and to animals, if it is possible for you to get out into nature today, that will also help you to better connect with Ariel’s energy and divine guidance.

Ariel wants you to know that if you are working on anything that is connected to the environment or nature, you should focus on that work at this time in your life.

And because this angel is connected to healing animals, keep your eyes and ears open for any animals you see. They might be reinforcing messages you are getting from Ariel.

Ariel can also help you connect with fairies and other elemental and nature spirits. Just ask for this angel’s assistance the next time you are out in the woods.
Today’s Affirmation:

“I trust Ariel to provide divine guidance with any needs I have on the physical plane and provide answers on how to meet those needs. And I know Ariel will also connect me with any fairies or nature spirits that wish to help me.”

Repeat this affirmation to yourself a few times each day until you feel fully guided by Ariel.

Your Intimate Angel Reading For March 07, 2020

Are your dreams telling you something lately?

Sometimes our subconscious will use our time in the dream realm to help us connect and go through our days, create solutions to problems we’re facing, or review the lessons we need to be learning right now.

The Archangel Jeremiel helps us understand how to apply our dreams and spiritual visions.

He even offers us clairvoyance to guide us through life’s ups and downs. And he’s reaching out to you at this time in your life.

When I feel overwhelmed and like I am being pulled in too many directions, I call on Jeremiel to help me “see” the bigger picture and put things into perspective.

I might even nap more often to help myself connect during the day.

Jeremiel helps me avoid the “analysis paralysis” pattern I sometimes struggle with as I try to understand not only what’s happening in my life, but to also make the right choices for myself!

It can be challenging to decide which roads I should go down to help me support my goals and make sure I’m staying connected to my divine purpose and that’s Jeremiel’s mission.

I’m getting that you’re facing several decisions, choices, and roads right now.

And Jeremiel is asking you to let go of all the facts, figures, and left brain activity to allow him to help guide you while you’re asleep, or even daydreaming.

Writing down how you feel in a dream can be a great guide, as our feelings are a wonderful indicator of the angelic realm being present.

It’s not always about what happens in your dreams, it’s how it made you FEEL!

Use that information as a guide into what you’re working through and the answers may show up unexpectedly.

Today’s Affirmation:

“I trust Jeremiel to guide me in my dreams and daydreams, showing me the correct path to walk on at this time in my life. And I ask him to show me the correct choice to make regarding any important decisions in my life.”

Repeat this affirmation to yourself a few times each day until you feel guided by Jeremiel toward the correct choices in your life

Your Intimate Angel Reading For March 01, 2020

Your prayers are being heard!

The Archangel Sandalphon is with you right now and wants you to know the Universe is listening to your prayers and your requests.

Sandalphon is the angel who acts as a conduit between heaven and earth for us.

He helps us interpret what we want and what we need, as well as how to manifest what is best for our highest good.

Not all prayers are in alignment with what is best for us.

And as the angel who works with the Akashic Records to determine what it is your soul truly needs at this time, Sandalphon looks for the most beneficial ways to support you now.

Even when we don’t feel like our prayers are being answered, there’s always a higher level reason at play.

You are being heard, and the divine realm is always supporting your highest and best outcome.

There’s an old saying, “sometimes the greatest gift is an unanswered prayer.”

And it’s Sandalphon’s job to allow the smooth communication from your heart and soul to heaven with discernment.

Remember when you were a kid, and you wished for all those things that in reality, you may not have needed?

Or think of the times you’ve asked for a particular relationship, job, or situation that in hindsight really wouldn’t have been the best thing for you?

That’s Sandalphon’s job, to help us get what exactly we need to help our souls path.

To help you even more deeply activate the divine power in your prayers, add this simple phrase for whatever you’re asking for:

“(Your prayer) in the name of the divine I request this or something better as it serves my soul’s highest and greatest good. I surrender into your wisdom. Thank you.”

Today’s Affirmation:

“I trust Sandalphon to guide me to ask for the things that are truly aligned with my path and the greater good. And I ask him to strengthen my connection to the divine.”

Repeat this affirmation to yourself a few times each day until you feel fully guided by Sandalphon on your soul’s path.

Your Intimate Angel Reading For February 24, 2020

Oh wow! I can feel that you are getting many downloads in your dreams right now!

Have you started noticing that your dreams are showing up differently?

Are you getting random ideas or even insights and solutions to problems you’re dealing with in your life?

The Archangel Uriel is wrapping you in his angel wings as you sleep (or meditate) and offering you some brilliant ideas!

Uriel’s name translates into “God is light” or “God’s light” and his job is to help illuminate solutions, insightful information, and provide prophetic intelligence to us when asked.

When I’m facing a problem I’m really struggling with, or have come up against an obstacle I can’t think my way through, I call on Uriel to offer me some unusual or unique answers.

Not long ago I was struggling with what to do: how to offer my work into the world as the world had just drastically changed and what used to be possible isn’t right now.

No more speaking events. No more in person workshops.

Feeling frustrated and uncertain, I had no ideas of my own to fall back on. I didn’t know what to do, or how to do it.

Then one night as I was sleeping, I saw the exact picture of a new way to do the work I love AND reach more people!

This insight was definitely not something I came up with on my own. Uriel was divinely showing me!

I’m so glad I followed what he showed me because I started seeing results immediately and new people were called to my work!

To call upon Uriel, think of a problem you’re currently struggling with and let him know you’re open to solutions.

Because he is the angel who is full of divine information, ideas, epiphanies, and insights, allow yourself to relax or meditate after you present the problem to him.

By letting go of whatever you’re doing on the earthly realm, you allow Uriel to offer you exactly what you need.

His insight often comes as a whisper, which is easier to hear when your conscious mind isn’t busy with all the details of life and what’s happening day to day.

If it helps, keep a notebook or journal next to your bed and write out the issue you’re facing. In the morning, see if you have any new insights or ideas or even odd pieces of dreams.

In time, it will all start to fall into place!

Today’s Affirmation:

“I trust Uriel to provide divine guidance to me in my dreams, knowing he will show me solutions to my problems. And I ask him to guide me to innovative solutions I might not think of on my own.”

Repeat this affirmation to yourself a few times each day until you feel fully guided by Uriel and receive the solutions to the challenges that are troubling you.

Your Intimate Angel Reading For February 18, 2020

Right now you are being asked to let go of negative emotions.

The wise and compassionate Archangel Zadkiel is asking you to look at any long-held anger and the places in your life where you’ve been letting yourself feel like a victim.

When we allow what’s happening outside of us to affect our inner well-being, we can get angry, blame others or circumstances, and start feeling like life is happening TO us. Instead of FOR us.

This is exactly the time when Zadkiel will typically show up with a for a message for you! Almost like an intuitive nudge and the thought that “it doesn’t have to feel this way,”!

Zadkiel gifts are here to support us in remembering our divine origin and mission and show us that through compassion and forgiveness, we are able to access higher states of being.

He’s even asking us to practice unconditional kindness on ourselves, for our own imagined slights or wrongs! Like the places you are judging yourself harshly and are the victim of your own thinking.

The times in my life when my inner critic is the loudest and I’m beating myself up for all the things I haven’t had time to accomplish, or I’m holding myself accountable for the mistakes in my past, I call on Zadkiel.

He lovingly reminds me I’m here for a divine purpose and mission, and by continuing to hold anger, even at myself, I’m focusing on the wrong things.

Zadkiel shifts my focus back to the bigger picture and the divine light within me. Since he is also known as the “angel of memory,” he reminds me of all the good I HAVE done. And that my self-judgement doesn’t serve anyone.

He helps me modify my negative thinking into a space of peace.

When any of us start getting into a negative state of mind, it’s difficult to connect to our highest self and the divine wisdom that’s around us all the time.

Zakiel’s message is super clear:

“You are responsible for your own happiness. No one and nothing outside of you holds what is rightfully yours. Release any negative energies within or around you, and any anger you’re holding onto about these negative situations or people.”

To activate the power of compassion and forgiveness in your own life, Zadkiel asks you to create a list of events, situations, or circumstances that it’s time to let go of energetically. You can write them out under the heading “Things to Let Go”.

These can be conditions that upset you about what someone else has done (or didn’t do) or actions you need to forgive of yourself. For each item, ask Zadkiel to help you transform the energy surrounding it into compassion.

You’ll know you’re complete when you have a sense of calmness and faith that you are exactly where you need to be. Right here, right now.

Today’s Affirmation:

“I trust Zadkiel to increase my compassion and my ability to forgive myself and others. I also ask him to help me remember that things happen FOR me, not TO me and that I am here to fulfill a divine purpose on my soul path.”

Repeat this affirmation to yourself a few times each day until you feel fully supported by Zadkiel and connected with your divine mission.

Your Intimate Angel Reading For February 12, 2020

Wow! The life lessons are piling up for you lately for you!

The Archangel Raziel is sharing some deep wisdom with me that I know is for you.

Raziel is like a wise old wizard who helps each of us turn knowledge (what you’ve experienced or learned) into wisdom (what you can apply to your life now).

What we learn from books and others (as well as what we go through) we can use to assist our soul’s expansion.

Raziel helps us with this by allowing us to see the bigger picture and the lessons.

He wants to remind you that although things in your past may have been challenging or difficult, the beauty in each of those experiences is that they can help you learn and grow, if you choose that path.

This is also how many of us become healers as part of our soul’s divine mission.

Instead of letting any of us get stuck on our past and the stories that allow us to feel like a victim, Raziel is the wise elder who alerts us that we are truly the victor in our story.

He is here to help you turn any past issues into your soul’s own growth, helping you connect to your higher self AND your higher soul!

Raziel’s rainbow-hued lights showed up for me when I was going through a particularly difficult time. A friend of mine was facing up to an assailant and I was there to have her back and support her.

I was starting to think of her as the victim in this situation, when all around me I saw these multi-colored lights in the outskirts of my vision.

In that moment I realized her standing up for herself was going to prevent something painful from happening to the next person.

it was then I realized Raziel was gently and helpfully showing me how my friend was indeed the victor in this situation.

And when I shared this with her she was filled with a greater sense of courage to help others.

To be able to tune into your higher self or move past any painful memories or events, you can call on Raziel.

He will help you not only heal, but will also help you assimilate anything from the situation your soul is asking you to learn. He is the keeper of many of the secrets of the Universe.

To activate his presence in your life, mentally say:

“Archangel Raziel I call upon your ancient wisdom to guide me at this time. I open to the divine secrets of the Universe and the divine wisdom in my experiences. Help me release any limits on my thinking or places where I play small. Allow me to be the victor in my life.”
Today’s Affirmation:

“I trust Raziel to help me turn my knowledge into wisdom to help empower others. And i ask him to fully understand and accept that I am a victor not a victim.”

Repeat this affirmation to yourself a few times each day until you feel fully empowered by Raziel’s guidance.

Your Intimate Angel Reading For February 06, 2020

If there’s a place you’ve been wanting to share your talents but are hesitating, it’s time to call upon Gabriel to assist you! You don’t have to do it all yourself!

Archangel Gabriel is like having a motivational coach around you to guide you in any opportunity you’re taking on.

Years ago as I was getting ready to film a television show, I was brimming with teaching points.

I had an extensive amount of things I wanted to make sure I covered and pages upon pages of notes. I was completely overwhelmed.

In that moment I called upon Gabriel to help me say what I needed to say and assist me to divinely use my mission to help the world. And I’m so glad I did!

Suddenly I felt an overwhelming sense of peace. I just KNEW everything would be good.

The camera light clicked ON and suddenly I knew exactly what to say and how to say it.

Not only was I able to get my points across with ease, my overflowing positive energy translated into the filming.

You know what typically stops us from truly expressing ourselves?

It’s fear. Fear of failing, fear of what others might say, fear of messing up, and even fear of what it means if we succeed!

And Gabriel is divinely magnificent at helping us release our fears about sharing our stories, words, or art with the world.

Gabriel is the angel to call upon when you need inspiration or to express yourself.

To invoke the presence of Gabriel say:

“Archangel Gabriel I ask for your presence to help me clear any blocks present from my self-expression or sharing my work with the world. I ask for your support in feeling inspired, may the ideas and innovation flow. I request specifically for your help with (name idea or project) so I may achieve the highest and best possible outcome.”

Today’s Affirmation:

“I trust Gabriel to guide me to conquer my fears and self-doubts that are holding me back from sharing my gifts with the world. I ask for him to help me feel safe and calm when facing my greatest fears.”

Repeat this affirmation to yourself a few times each day until you feel that Gabriel has guided you and empowered you to conquer your fears.

To your divine expression in the world

Your Intimate Angel Reading For January 31, 2020

Have you been struggling with certain relationships recently?

I’m being guided to gently remind you of the presence of Archangel Raguel and let you know he is waiting patiently to assist and support you when your relationships are feeling rocky.

Raguel is known for healing arguments or misunderstandings and part of his focus is even managing relationships between angels and humans.

His name means “Friend of God” and he’s offering you his assistance as he can hear your soul is calling out for it.

Also known for helping us attract wonderful friends, Raguel can help you find your soul tribe if you’re feeling as if the people currently in your circle aren’t meeting your needs or don’t understand you. Or if you’re in conflict with anyone in your life.

Many Moons ago when I started my spiritual journey, I found that my group of friends was not at all comfortable with what I wanted to discuss.

My frequency had started to shift away from gossip or the mundane aspects of daily life and more into what life really meant.

I was asking questions about my life purpose, what we’re here for, and wondering what the planet needed.

I started to feel misunderstood and lonely and then I remembered we can call on the angels for loving guidance and help.

I asked Raguel to help me either find harmony with those I loved or to help me find more people like me.

Within weeks I found a spiritual community of like-minded individuals who were also interested in the bigger questions, and were spiritual seekers like me.

The irony was that several of my former friends then started down their own path, just like I had!

To use Raguel’s divine help in your life, and find harmony in all your relationships or heal misunderstandings or arguments, silently ask of him:

“Archangel Raguel I request your divine assistance in helping me in my relationship with (name of person). May we both find healing and resolution in (this situation) and reach a place of harmony.”

if you want Raguel’s help in finding those in your soul tribe, ask him:

“Archangel Raguel I respectfully ask for your divine guidance in bringing in like-minded people who are interested in (name your interests) and are uniquely suited to help me be the best of myself.”
Today’s Affirmation:

“I trust Raguel to guide me to connect with other members of my soul tribe. And I ask for his help in finding resolution to conflict and in healing my relationships with others in my life.”

Repeat this affirmation to yourself a few times each day until you feel fully guided by Raguel’s divine presence in your life.

Your Intimate Angel Reading For January 25, 2020

Archangel Michael has an important message for you. Have you been feeling his presence lately?

Michael is like the best big brother you could ever hope for and one of the most well-known of all the archangels. His job is to have our backs and he’s the ultimate protector.

Right now, Michael is tasking you to look for the places where you are feeling drained, exhausted, tired, and overwhelmed and ask him to help!

His message is simple, “When you are in a place of fear or fear-based energies, it affects everything in your life. There are places, people, and things you need to release now. It’s time. Call on me to help you let go of all that doesn’t serve you.”

Many years ago, I was really struggling and feeling utterly exhausted at work and Archangel Michael started sending me these encoded messages.

At first it was here and there, words in songs or phrases about courage that kept “popping up” over and over but it became so overwhelming I couldn’t ignore them anymore.

Wow, am I glad I finally listened! I was making a big mistake by continuing to let toxic coworkers drag me down and affect me with their negativity every single day!

I was undoing so many years of hard work creating a great reputation by letting the worst of myself show up.

By listening to Michael and asking for his help to cut the emotional cords, I was able to create better boundaries and release attachments. And oddly enough, soon after that they left!

we aren’t meant to live in negativity or difficulty, so call on Michael now to help protect you spiritually, in your career, in your relationships, and even in your own thinking!
Today’s Affirmation:

“I trust Michael to protect me from toxic energy, overwhelm, and exhaustion. And I know that Michael will guide me to create boundaries with people and situations who drain me energetically.”

Repeat this affirmation to yourself a few times each day until you feel fully protected and guided by Michael’s powerful big brother energy.

Your Intimate Angel Reading For January 19, 2020

A message came to me today and I knew it was meant for you.

The Archangel Haniel is calling to you with the message that it’s time to increase your spiritual gifts and awareness.

have you been feeling more sensitive? More emotional?

These are angelic signs that Haniel is present around you at this time! And offering you an opportunity to delve deeper into your gifts.

When I find myself suddenly being more emotional while watching videos or hearing the stories others share, I know Haniel is calling me to listen deeper. To go within and to check into her higher guidance.

Just as the tides are affected by the moon, our intuitive side is affected by our emotions and can be accessed through what we’re feeling.

your feelings can be a guide for you!

Your emotions are a superb avenue to access your psychic abilities. And if you are already feeling the pull to begin working on your intuitive skills, it’s the perfect time to allow Haniel to work her divine powers in your life.

Haniel is tied to moonstone and she energetically radiates like the Full Moon; in ancient Babylon she was called upon by the elders to assist their work in Moon energy and spiritual healing.

to help support you in growing your intuitive and psychic gifts, call on Haniel to assist you.

She is a graceful and poised guide whose mission is tied to our inner intuitive and emotional world which includes clairvoyance and other psychic abilities.

To utilize the power of Haniel in your life today, spend 10 – 15 minutes writing out the feelings you’re currently experiencing or sensing in your life.

Then take each feeling and identify what divine message of grace it might have for you at this time in your life. Look at what gift each feeling is offering you, and don’t just focus on the positive feelings. They each have something to share with you right now.

Just be open, [[firstname]], what you find may pleasantly surprise you!
Today’s Affirmation:

“I trust that Haniel will assist me in connecting with my emotions and my spiritual gifts. And I know that she will guide me in developing my psychic gifts as well.”

Repeat this affirmation to yourself a few times each day until you feel completely guided by Haniel in connecting with your feelings and your spiritual abilites.

Your Intimate Angel Reading For January 13, 2020

Right now Archangel Raphael is reaching out to offer you his ethereal healing and guidance.

Are you ready? Are you open to it?

If you have been feeling stressed out or dealing with physical issues, Raphael’s angelic energy is encircling you now to help you through this time.

Raphael is an angel of healing whose name is most often translated into “medicine healing” and “God heals the world.”

He is not only adept at helping you heal your physical body, but, he can also help you heal your spiritual connection!

When we have too much stress, it becomes distress, which makes it difficult to move forward in our lives and create solutions to the problems we’re facing.

The times in my life when I’ve found myself overwhelmed with too much to do and not enough energy to do it all, I’ve called on Raphael to help me carry the load.

He helped me find an ease and lightness I desperately needed and the energy to calmly carry on. It was as if my burden was suddenly shared by him!

[[firstname]], Raphael is here to help you too. He can support you and help you lighten the load.

And if you’re questioning your connection to the divine, Raphael can also help you heal your third eye and bridge your spiritual alliance.

To activate his angelic presence, put something emerald green nearby and send out your request:

“Dear Raphael, I request your help in healing (this situation or circumstance). Please immerse me with your lightness and healing energy. I trust your divine power and release my healing into your hands. Thank you!”

You’re here for bigger things and, Raphael wants to help you achieve them.
Today’s Affirmation:

“I trust Raphael to guide me toward solutions to heal my body and my spirit. I know that he will remove stress from my life, allowing me to fully focus on my healing.”

Repeat this affirmation to yourself a few times each day until you feel fully connected to Raphael’s healing energy.

Your Intimate Angel Reading For January 07, 2020

Have you been asking for help getting unstuck lately? The angel Metatron has answered your call and is ready to support you in moving forward.

His message for you, comes at a time when you have been asking for the extra energy to move forward on a project or idea, but have found yourself stuck or procrastinating.

Metatron is one of the few archangels who was once a human (based on the ancient texts), so he appreciates the journey.

And when he comes to call, he understands all too well what we might be facing on the planet.

If you don’t know much about him, he is considered a fiery and energetic angel who resonates with the colors violet and green.

He uses his knowledge of sacred geometry and esoteric wisdom to help humans connect with the higher realms.

He loves assisting people in taking their innate wisdom into practical manifestations.

Metatron wants you to know, that it’s time for you to release any negative or dense energies holding you back or supporting you in procrastinating.

It’s no accident Metratron appears to you now because he is the one we call on when we want to move forward with something.

When I was starting a new business project, I knew I wanted to create something that served others for their greatest good and was also a smart financial decision for me to make at the time.

I called on Metatron to help guide and direct me and not only did he help me figure out my new venture, he helped me pull in the exact perfect people to work with and those who were stronger in areas I wasn’t! I’m so glad I listened!

Often we wait “until we think it’s time” and Metatron’s message for you is that “it’s time NOW!”

He will help guide you forward, moving you past ALL the reasons you’ve felt stopped or stuck, to go higher into your own divine purpose.

Metatron is asking you to begin to take the first steps on your project, idea, or goal, and then call on him to move obstacles out of your way and to assist you in continuing until you succeed.

If you’re not sure which project or idea to focus on, make a list of all the ideas you’re thinking about. Metatron will send you a message, either as a feeling or in a dream. Stay focused, he will deliver!
Today’s Affirmation:

“I trust Metatron to help me remove blockages that are preventing me from reaching my goals. And I know Metatron will support me with inner strength when I am feeling the desire to procrastinate. He will give me the energy I need to push through any limitations that are holding me back.”

Repeat this affirmation to yourself a few times each day until you feel that Metatron has removed the blockages from your path and you no longer feel the desire to procrastinate.