{FIRSTNAME}, as I’m sure you know, you are a Virgo, the Virgin. 

But… did you know that Virgo is connected to the Hermit card? 

The Hermit card signifies that you are a person who needs to take life a bit slower than others and focus on fulfilling your life’s mission.

You are a very grounded person as an Earth sign with mutable energy. 

As a perfectionist, you can excel in many areas of your life. You are a fantastic communicator and nurture those around you.  

You are a hard worker and it you utilize both your intuition and your discernment, you will go far in life 

But… you need to make sure to work on your weaknesses – perfectionism, judgement of others, anxiety and worry, and never being satisfied by your present life.

It’s also important to be less critical of others and of yourself. Make sure you don’t keep others at bay by hiding your emotions.

Work on opening up your heart chakra, {FIRSTNAME}, so you can get comfortable connecting with feelings and sharing them with others more easily.