{FIRSTNAME}, as I’m sure you know, you are a Pisces, the Fish. 

But… did you know that Pisces is connected to The Moon card? 

The Moon card symbolizes voluntary change, intuition, illusion, danger, and deception.

You are an emotional person as a Water sign with mutable energy. 

And you are incredibly intuitive, empathic, creative, emotionally intelligent, and generous, {FIRSTNAME}. 

You also are very focused on your community and helping humanity.

But… you need to make sure to work on your weaknesses – being too emotional, impressionable, naive, or closed off.

Pisces can also succumb to victim consciousness and addiction very easily, longing to escape from reality and responsibility.

If you want to be happy, you need to step into your own unique power and not second guess yourself.

It’s critical for you to learn to have stronger energetic boundaries and not focus on pleasing others at your own expense. You must learn to say “no” when “yes” doesn’t make sense for you.

Channeling your emotions and your energy into creative projects, practicing ground exercises, activating your throat chakra, and journaling will all help you immensely. 

It is critically important for you to limit your use of alcohol and recreational drugs if you want to truly fulfill your destiny in this lifetime, {FIRSTNAME}.