{FIRSTNAME}, as I’m sure you know, you are a Gemini, The Twins. 

But… did you know that Gemini is connected to The Lovers card? 

The Lovers card symbolizes intelligence, attraction, beauty, a childlike nature, and overcoming trials.

You are a very intellectual person as an Air sign with mutable energy and you can be incredibly playful, social, and creative.

But… you need to work on your “adulting” skills so you don’t end up acting like a child in situations that require maturity.

Make sure you avoid gossiping and focus on balancing the two sides of your nature as much as you can (it won’t be easy, but you can get there if you work hard on it!)

You need to work on commitment and accountability, {FIRSTNAME}. Don’t bail when things get tough. Challenges give you strength!

Whenever you need to have an important discussion with someone, it can be incredibly helpful to write down your thoughts to process everything first so you don’t overwhelm others with too many words that go in circles.

Do your best to channel your energy into creative projects instead of just talking with everyone about them instead of taking action. And consider asking an Aries friend to help you.

Whenever you start feeling defensive, do your best to switch your thoughts to curiosity instead.

Try “I wonder why that person thinks that weird untrue thing about me?” instead of “WTF?!? You are a jerk!”

Focus on your childlike qualities (innocence, joy, fresh perspectives, curiosity) as opposed to childish behaviors (immaturity, quitting when frustrated, defensiveness).