Ouch! Having problems with work is miserable, {FIRSTNAME}. I know this very well myself, having lived in dead end jobs most of my life (until I found a way out!)  

And as you may guess, it’s also the 3rd biggest issue I get in readings!

In my experience, after conducting thousands of intuitive readings relating to family issues… they are usually a result of blockages in your energy and carrying old wounds (MEMORIES!) 

These blockages shape your outlook, and make family situations even more tense and hard to deal with.  

But… when you are walking your divine Soul Path, family struggles is no longer a concern because your entire life is overflowing with happiness like a mighty unstoppable river.

And, {FIRSTNAME}, it may very well be that you too, are not yet doing the type of work you were born to do. 

Here’s a simple trick to find out if this is true, or not.

Ask yourself this question “Am I EXCITED to wake up and do the work I do?”

If you aren’t EXCITED to do the work you are being paid to do right now, then that’s a surefire sign something is wrong. 

I don’t want you to be concerned though, {FIRSTNAME}, because… 

I will share some additional insights with you in just a minute about how to dramatically shift your family situation by igniting your divine Soul Path that is only meant for YOU!

And when you do that, your worries about your family life will no longer be a concern for you. At ALL!

I can see a very bright future for your family, {FIRSTNAME}. So hang in there because you are only taking the first step today, very soon your life will look and feel totally different.



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