{FIRSTNAME}, as I’m sure you know, you are an Aquarius, the Water-Bearer. 

But… did you know that Aquarius is connected to The Star card? 

The Star card symbolizes shining bright like the star you are to inspire people to be hopeful and believe in miraculous possibilities.

You are an intellectual person as an Air sign with fixed energy. 

And you are incredibly visionary, unique, intelligent, rebellious, and assertive, {FIRSTNAME}. 

You also are very focused on your community and helping humanity.

But… you need to make sure to work on your weaknesses – being too optimistic, aloofness, unpredictability, and emotional detachment.

You can also have a tendency toward egotism because your unique approaches are vastly different than other signs. 

But remember, we each have our role to play and no one is better than anyone else, {FIRSTNAME}.

With the immense amount of knowledge you acquire, make sure to actually apply it to your life or it won’t have much value. Knowledge without action is pretty useless.

Writing your ideas down and practicing groundedness will go a long way in helping you bring those innovative ideas into reality. 

Your biggest challenge in this lifetime is to become more heart-centered, {FIRSTNAME}. 

And focusing on connecting with your own heart first will help you connect with others.